Ragnarok Mobile Southeast Asia pre-registration is now open

by Sammy Chan
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One of the biggest games in Southeast Asia is now open for pre-registration! Quickly get your phone and get ready for the release of Ragnarok Mobile Southeast Asia server by October 31, 2018. Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love was a global hit especially in Taiwan, Korea and China. Unlike Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok M is developed by Dream Square, a company that is based in Shanghai, China.
Ragnarok Mobile Southeast Asia

What’s new in Ragnarok Mobile Southeast Asia?

Nothing much. It is quite unlikely that there will be many changes compared to the servers in China and Korea for example. On the other hand, if you asked what’s the difference between Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok M then there’s plenty.
The classes are pretty much the same with the base stats unchanged. The starting class, first jobs, second classes and transcendent classes will be there except for the Sage and Bard/Dancers. They’re not implemented yet even in the major regions.
Then we have the new camera system that is designed to work marvellously on mobile phones. Ragnarok M moves away from the 2.5D camera angle that was used in RO. It’s better or more fluid by making use of the better specification phones have nowadays compared to a decade ago.
PvP and the War of Emperium (GvG, for those who are unaware) will be available as well so get ready for lag. The old cities like Prontera, Morroc, Payon, Geffen, Izlude and more will still be there. You can still pull your friends to help you level in the zombie-infested castle of Glast Heim.
Ragnarok M Gameplay

No more trading! WTB>+10 Dagger [4]

The major changes that you can find that is different than in RO will be that you can’t trade between players anymore. So no more spamming in chat when you want to sell, buy or trade items. However, the game employs the use of the auction house so it helps you skip the hassle of setting up a chat box to sell a specific item.
As this is a mobile game so we can’t run away from the mobile elements of it. You can check out a previous article that we did on the Chinese version of it here. An energy-based system called stamina will be introduced in which your exp and drop rate will decrease once it’s diminished. Next, there are also quests in the form of story and side quests to help you level up faster. The best part in our opinion is you can hire cat mercenaries to help you with your grind.
The game is already available for pre-registration for Southeast Asian players. Ragnarok M will be available for the iOS and Android and will use a Free-to-Play system. Microtransactions are available for cosmetics and to help your levelling process. Players can follow their Facebook for more news on releases for other regions.

Ragnarok M Pre-register

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