China’s PUBG Mobile, “Game for Peace” features Tesla in Newest Update

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Last week Tesla announced that it partnered with Tencent to bring Tesla vehicles into “Game for Peace”. Aptly dubbed as China’s version of PUBG Mobile, the game features Tesla Models 3 and X in its newest update.

Game for Peace offers two Tesla Models and Countless Skins

The update for the inclusion of the Tesla models are currently live. Both the Model X and Model 3 will spawn in random locations, but most notably would be in the newly added Tesla Showcase landmarks. Another new landmark addition are the electric charging stations.

Additionally, both the Tesla Model X and the Model 3 have three achievable levels or tiers. The tiers are:

  • 1: White
  • 2: Grey
  • 3: Purple

At the same time, the update also includes several brand new skins for character models, gliders and weapons. Check the full lineup of skins here.

China’s PUBG Mobile Marketing Stunt Cranked to 11

While Tencent dropped a trailer for the upcoming Tesla collaboration, the Tencent-Tesla partnership took it a step further by actually having a purple Tesla Model 3 “dropped” as a loot package to the Giga Shanghai factory.

pubg mobile tesla skin
Back in 2017, Tencent bought a 5% stake in Tesla for a hefty US$1.78 billion

There is currently no indication that China’s PUBG Mobile x Tesla event will happen in the international version of the game. Game for Peace (otherwise known as Peacekeeper Elite) was originally just known as PUBG Mobile in China. Despite it’s success, Tencent did not gain the approval of the Chinese Government on the grounds of violence. This led to Tencent essentially “reskinning” the game by toning down its violence and giving it a new back story. In essence, its a censored version of the international PUBG Mobile, with a few unique developer choices.

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