Are Microsoft Xbox consoles still relevant?

by Raymond Foo
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We’re in the midst of a pre-console-war, and it’s between the two giants; Microsoft, and Sony. There’s the Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5 (respectively), and both companies are throwing teases left, right, and centre, with great reception. But here’s a curveball, Microsoft says that Xbox Series X games are no longer defined by technology.

What gives?

We came across  two articles that seemed to have sparked a touchy question for Xbox fans. Let’s take a look at some facts.

“Xbox Series X games no longer defined by technology”

The exact sentence didn’t come from just anyone. It came from the head of Xbox studios Matt Booty (nice name, we know). His statement was recorded just two hours after the Xbox showcase livestream event last week (23rd July).


“We’re at a point where the technology is out of the way,” he says. “In previous generations, the hardware and its limitations would leave a pretty clear fingerprint on a game. I remember the first early games that used sprite scaling and then suddenly every game had all these objects flying around the screen. You’d build a game around technical advances like that. But now we’re at the point with the tech where we can just let the stories and the characters that the teams have in mind reach the screen.” – Matt Booty via

– Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Studios

In short, the era of video game design being defined by technology is over, according to Microsoft. But here’s another curveball:

With Game Pass Ultimate, PC gamers have no need for the Xbox Series X

In case you missed it, Microsoft has brought its subscription service to PC, albeit in open beta at the moment. For just USD 5 (approx RM 21.26, introductory price), subscribers will be getting a ton of games, INCLUDING first-party ones the DAY they are released. 

Practically every game shown off last week will be available for PC, which ultimately leaves one question. Are Microsoft Xbox consoles still relevant? 

Xbox fans, what do you think? Maybe you’re a PlayStation fan? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.  We’d love to hear from you!

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