PlayStation Network PSN Sales: Save up to 80%!

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Riding on the PlayStation Network (PSN) Holiday Sale which until 31st Jan 2021, Sony recently announced more titles being added into the sale. And we’ve selected and rounded up a few hits that you can’t miss out on. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on these titles, especially with their shiny new discounted price tags.

PlayStation Network PSN Sale

The PSN sale actually started last month, under the pretense of a “Holiday Sale”. It offered a ton of AAA titles like Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy VII: Remake and  much more at a fraction of its original price tag. What Sony DID NOT mention though, was the removal of all these games from the sale. 

With the newly added games under the sale, old one like the titles mentioned above were replaced with new titles. Before you get all stressed up about missing out on one of the BEST games of 2020 (Ghost of Tsushima), fret not! The new list include a ton of great games as well. We’ve got our best three picks below:

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

First up, is a new title (that’s right, NEW). Launched on December 2020, the game was originally known as Gods and Monsters, but changed it’s name to Immortals: Fenyx Rising towards its release. Immortals is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective, and features gameplay which is similar to popular titles like Genshin Impact, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

Explore the beautiful open world lands, or soar the skies with the wings of Daedalus while you meet familiar characters from Greek Mythology. Or in this case, FIGHT them. It’s a pretty long game, with a good story, so settle in and enjoy it for only RM 174.30 (USD 43.23) for the Standard Edition and RM 223.30 (USD 55.13) for the Gold Edition right now.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

Old is gold, and GTA V is very much the epitome of the phrase. It’s an old game, being launched back in late 2013, but is still very much relevant with so much content and custom servers catering to the game. It’s hard to ignore this game, likewise with its discounted price tag. GTA V’s sale price is only RM90.80 (USD 22.52), so if you don’t have this game in your library yet, it’s time to catch up with what you’ve missed out on all these years.

Monster Hunter World

Capcom’s very own Monster Hunter finds itself as one of our picks, and it’s no surprise why. It’s basically everyone’s favourite Pocket Monster game, albeit in a grown up fashion. Who are we kidding, it’s not. But it shares a similar philosophy as Pokemon, being hunting down monsters and trapping / killing them. The game is currently priced at only RM66.00 (USD 16.37), but that’s not the main cake though:

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

THIS is what’s awesome. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is an expansion pack, and brings along a ton of new content to boot. It introduces new monsters, new gameplay mechanics, and a new story on top of its base game, and takes players through a frosty world that requires you to constantly keep warm through its many ways. The expansion costs RM 125.25 (USD 31.06) for the Master Edition, and RM 155.25 (USD 38.50) for the Digital Deluxe version.

There you have it folks! And before we forget, SEAGM has PSN Cards for sale. So head on there, and get these games now before the PSN sale ends! Stay safe!

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