PUBG Mobile Season 15 gets postponed, but just a few hours.

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It was only yesterday when we were downloading the all new Livik map (well, at least it was all new back then). We’re now into Season 15 of PUBG Mobile (PUBGM), and you know how sometimes we’re so into a game, and you just don’t realise how fast time passes? Yeah, this is one of those times.

PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) Season 15

**While the update was initially scheduled to be released on the 14th of September 2020, PUBG Mobile has announced that it is indeed postponed by just a mere few hours to the 15th of September. Hang tight!

As per usual, we’re going to be rounding up everything that’s confirmed, and everything we know so far in regards to Season 15 og PUBG Mobile (PUBGM). Starting with what’s been confirmed so far:

Royale Pass Season 15

Source: PUBG Mobile Facebook page

As expected in every season, there’s a new theme, and of course, a new Royale Pass. Season 15 is themed “Beyoind A.C.E”, with the highlight of this season’s RP being samurai-themed skins and outfits. Players can unlock the Samurai Ops emote, helmet, avatar, and outfit by advancing tiers in the Elite pass. Check out the teaser below!

Source: PUBG Mobile Youtube Page

PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) Season 15 Improvements

Now of course, with every new season, there are bound to be some improvements being implemented into the game. This season will bring improvements to:

  • UI layout: Players can now switch tabs on the right side of the screen instead of the top for greater convenience.
  • Reward display: New key visual preview of level rewards, new preview of unpurchased rewards, and previews of newly added crate items
  • Voucher exchange: Pay directly in the voucher window.
  • RP point accumulation: RP points acquired between seasons will automatically convert to ordinary point cards.

Also, a good thing to take note of is the Plus subscription reward has been separated to 3×300 UC Vouchers instead of a single 900 UC Voucher.  

Coming in the Future:

If you’re already following us on our Facebook page, then you’d know that we’ve already covered this area here. But if you’re still in the dark:

Get excited for PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) Season 15! And if you’re looking to snag that gorgeous new skins from the Royale Pass, get your PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) UC from SEAGM! Catch you all out on New Erangel! See you there!

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