New PUBG Mobile Metro Exodus Crossover looks Thrilling

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On August 7, the official PUBG Mobile YouTube channel dropped a 20-second teaser about their upcoming collaboration. PUBG Mobile’s next collab will be with the daunting and well-received Metro franchise. The PUBG Mobile Metro Exodus collab has yet to receive an event date.

After Resident Evil 2, horror fans are in yet again for another horrible treat

The trailer is only 20 seconds long, but it successfully invokes the feeling of dread and horror that Metro is well-known for. It begins with a bloodied gas mask before the scene quickly transitions to a barren canyon of sorts. Quickly ensuing are a number of shots of dreadful environments. We also get glimpses of hideous mutant enemies that are a staple of the franchise.

There’s a severe lack of Player Unknown in this PUBG Mobile Metro Exodus crossover, but the definitive side-by-side logos at the end are more than enough to sell the audience on the event. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t any more details regarding the event even 11 days later. Even the official PUBG Mobile website is encountering a dry-spell of news updates.


What is Metro?

The Metro franchise consists of novels and video games set in the horrific, supernatural world conceptualized by Russian Dmitry Glukhovsky. The games, however, are developed by Ukrainian studio 4A Games. Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light and Metro Exodus are all highly-rated games by fans and critics alike. The first-person shooter survival horror games have players facing against human and mutant foes. To add to the creepy atmosphere, the game is focused on progressing through a gruesomely detailed horror environment.

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There’s no additional information on the upcoming event as of yet, but for more PUBGM coverage, keep it here at SEAGM News!

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