PUBG Mobile McLaren Collaboration – Tips to Pull on the Event Spin

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The PUBG Mobile McLaren event spin is live from now until the end of June. Players can earn up to six variants of the McLaren 570S. The car which is a skin of the Coupe RB can be found during standard games or shown off in Cheer Park. Here are some tips on how get the best odds at obtaining the car skin. The six variants are divided into three tiers. The first tier are the Zenith Black and Lunar White models. Tier 2 features the Raspberry and Glory White models , and Tier 3 has the Pearlescent and Royal Black models.

pubg mobile mclaren

How does it work?

The McLaren event spin works by levelling up your speedometer. Players start at level 1 at a cost of 90 UC. From here, they can either do a guaranteed pull (safe acceleration) or a normal pull to reach a higher level. Each pull has an 80% chance of failing and ending the round, leaving the player with the reward of the previous level or two levels before depending on the chances. Should the pull be successful, however, the player will promote to the next level and get higher-tier rewards. The trade off is that the higher the tier, the more costly it is to “accelerate”.

To obtain a Tier 1 McLaren, players need to reach level 7. Level 8 is the grand prize, where players get three xxx that can redeem the cars. Tier 1 variants cost one ticket, Tier 2 variants cost two tickets, and Tier 3 variants cost three tickets.

With each successful pull, there is an even slimmer chance that players will get lucky and jump an additional one or two tiers. This is where players can get lucky and skip tiers, saving them costly safe accelerations.

Best Tips to Pull

Of course, we would recommend you get your UC from SEAGM, especially for Malaysian users as they have very cheap UC options.


pubg mobile uc cheap trusted

Secondly, since the odds of pulling a McLaren have such a high chance of failing, we recommend doing free pulls to reach levels 1-4. Once you reach level 4, then players should only do safe pulls as much as possible. Relying on the free acceleration has a 4/5 chance of failing, meaning that you’ll likely be wasting your prior investments. Based on our experience and luck, we easily reached level 6 by spending RM400, with a few thousand UC to spare. Should we have invested a bit more, we could easily guarantee reaching level 7.

Unlike other lucky spin events such as the Hola Buddy and Cyber Power events, the McLaren Lucky Spin requires a large investment to secure the grand prize. If you’re dead set on wanting it, you will need to go big or go home, as the pity system would also not compensate you fairly for failed pulls.

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