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Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart – Spoiler Free Full Review

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart provides 10 hours of exciting, whimsical humor in the form of fast-paced gameplay, blockbuster cinematic story-telling, and a lovable cast of characters. SEAGM has gotten their hands on it, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Aside from getting to experience first-hand the evolution of next generation gaming, we also love what the game has to offer in terms of plot, characters, and gameplay. If the ten hour playtime concerns you, don’t worry as there is a new game plus mode where you get to carry over all your weapons in a harder difficulty run, and we’ll get more into that and other details later. 

Story and Overall Gist of the Plot

Rift Apart begins pretty grand. You start off as Ratchet, and you’re being celebrated in a Parade with the iconic supporting cast of Ratchet and Clank showering you in love and support. To celebrate your past achievements, Clank hands you the Dimensionator, a portal gun capable of interdimensional travel, so that you can finally go search for your estranged family of Lombaxes. 

Out of nowhere, your arch nemesis Dr. Nefarious appears and crashes the parade, stealing the Dimensionater and wreaking havoc on the scene. In a catastrophic stir of events, the dimensions collide, and you’re hurled off to an alternate reality, being separated from Clank in the process. From there, it becomes an adventure to reunite with your best bud, and put an end to Dr. Nefarious. Along the way, you’ll visit different worlds, interact with adorable alien species, face off against waves of different enemies, and even meet another you? 


The entire campaign lasts around ten hours, and it’s fairly entertaining to keep up with from start to finish. Though there are its fair share of Quick Time Events and cutscenes, they never overstay their welcome. They’re often short and are just long enough to deliver crucial information and set the tone. It also helps that you’re almost immediately thrown back into the action once the scene ends. Though the main plot is clear-cut and direct, there’s plenty happening on the side with the characters to keep things interesting. 

Despite the entire game having a rather cartoonish and light-hearted tone, it has plenty of themes that encourage children to think and develop maturity. Concepts such as forgiveness, digesting failure, and personal growth are prevalent throughout the story, and are positive exposures for younger audiences. We won’t get into them in detail, because once again, we don’t want to spoil anything, but just know that if you were planning to get this for your child, then it’s pretty much perfect for them.

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In terms of combat, it’s an intense Third Person Shooter that has you cycling through an arsenal of weapons. Each fires differently and has unique traits and passives. You’ll often find yourself battling hordes of enemies at a time, encouraging you to come up with the best loadouts and manage your ammo appropriately.  On harder difficulties, the required awareness becomes more demanding.

Compliment this with satisfying gunplay and bedazzling particle effects, the core aspect of the gameplay is very fun and engaging. There are multiple levels of difficulty you can choose from. The easiest difficulty provides a very fun walkthrough with little challenge. The harder difficulties provide even the best of gamers a thrilling bullet hell experience.

Diving down deeper, there is a progression system in which you can level up your character and your weapons. Progression is shared between the playable characters, so there isn’t any unnecessary repetitive grinding. As you progress the story, you unlock more weapons in the shop. Using the weapons in combat levels them up, allowing you to be able to upgrade them at the cost of Raritanium.

Minigame Segment

From time to time, you will encounter mini-game segments of sorts. To clear out viruses occupying a terminal, you control “Glitch” and just go all out in a tank-shooting experience. In instances where you need to enter an unstable rift, you control Clank and solve environmental puzzles. Both of these segments play very differently; both are enjoyable. They do well in providing a nice break to the intense action from fighting Nefarious’ goons. In the case that puzzles aren’t your thing however, not to worry, as they are skippable from the options menu. This is particularly useful not only for making sure that at the end of the day you have a good time, but also handy for when you go for that New Game + run.

Missions on the Side

Albeit the game provides a mostly linear experience, optional missions are present. Doing them unlocks a variety of additional rewards. There is an arena where you can fight preset waves of enemies, and earn rewards. Additionally, there are also hidden rifts to seek out in the broad map that contain treasure. Most of these rewards come in the form of cosmetics, but there are also lore and weapon related unlockables. 

You can revisit levels from time to time, making it easy to look for missed collectables. This makes it a very casual game for trophy hunters, but it doesn’t take away the joy of obtaining them. Also did we mention that there is a NG+ run?


Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart provides an entertaining 10-hour campaign, with a quirky and lovable cast of characters to keep you company throughout. It’s appropriately paced with no empty exploration segments, keeping the experience fresh throughout. At times, its cartoonish elements stand out a bit much, though for the most part it’s entertaining, intense, and uplifting. It’s the perfect media for family consumption, and even gets a pass for adults looking to relive that nostalgic, campy childhood magic.

It has fun and thrilling gameplay that encourages players to implement strategy and consider resource management. At the same time, it also exercises reflexes and aim. Additionally, an adequate progression system in the form of multiple skill trees to reward players for using weapons. Though ten hours for a fresh experience may appear brief, every second in Rift Apart is a quality one. From experimenting with an arsenal of guns, to campy 2000s humor, hanging out with intergalactic friends, interdimensional travel and exhilarating set pieces, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart as much as we did. 


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