PlayStation's Paris Games Week 2017 Trailers

by Sammy Chan
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There’s something for everyone!

Kicking off Paris Games Week 2017 is Sony with their nearly two-hour long media showcase. Besides announcing new games, Sony also teased fans with new trailers and release dates for 2018’s most anticipated titles. The Last of Us II trailer definitely got us all excited but Shadow of the Colossus’ trailer was hands down the best. Here’s a round up of all the new games and trailers from Sony’s media showcase.

New Titles

Concrete Genie

A game about a bullied teen named Ash who uses his talent to pain living landscapes. Follow Ash as he purifies Denska’s polluted walls and overcome the bullies. This game will hit the market sometime next year in 2018.
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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis

Is this where all the plot went? Join Ignis and come up with a new recipe on 13 December 2017. No, this is not a cooking expansion, in fact, the combat is looking really good. Monter of the Deep though, is coming 21 November 2017.

Ghost of Tsushima

The Assasin’s Creed we all wanted but Ubisoft wouldn’t give. Ghost of Tsushima is an open world game set in feudal Japan from Sucker Punch. Retake Japan from the Mongol Empire as the last surviving samurai. Also due sometime next year in 2018.
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Guacamelee! 2

It’s been seven years after the defeat of Carlos Calaca. A new threat has appeared! You must once again don your luchador mask as Juan Aguacate to save Mexiverse — in 2018.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC

Dive back into the wilds again with Aloy on 7 November!

LocoRoco 2 Remastered

The remastered version is coming 9 December and it’s playable in 4k on the PS4 Pro.

The Gardens Between

Follow the story of two friends as they explore a surreal world with the ability to control the flow of time. Comes out next year in 2018!


Did you like Burnout Paradise? You’ll like Onrush. Coming next year too in the summer of 2018.


Journey is in the sand, Abzu was in water and now Oure is in the sky! If you enjoyed the Journey and Abzu, you might like this one too. The game is available now on PlayStation 4 and will be available for PC on 15 November.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Not a Hero: “Lucas”

Play as Chris Redfield in this free DLC coming 12 December 2017.

Spelunky 2

This was a surprise to everyone when it was announced. There’s no release date yet but the trailer shows us that the protagonist is Spelunky’s kid!

Tennis World Tour

Is it me or does this looks like a PlayStation 2 game? Either way, tennis game coming in spring 2018!

The Hong Kong Massacre

A top down action shooter that is kinda like Hotline Miami but set in Hong Kong. The game comes out in 2018.

PSVR / PlayLink

Here’s a collection of all the PSVR games coming your way!

Blood and Truth

Bow to Blood

Dead Hungry



League of War BR Arena


Sprint Vector

Star Child



New Trailers

And here’s a bunch of new trailers for upcoming games with The Last of Us Part II stealing the show.

Call of Duty: WWII – Carentan

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

Detroit: Become Human

Far Cry 5 : Co-Op

God of War

Marvel’s Spider Man

Monster Hunter World

Shadow of the Colossus

The Last of Us – Part II

The Sims 4

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