League of Legends Vasilii's Rage Caught On Stream

by Sammy Chan
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The last straw for Newbee’s AD Carry

Gaming, especially when you do it as a career, it becomes a very emotional experience. Now, there are all types of gamers in the world and raging is not exclusive to the people who play PvP games. You can be convinced that you would never rage and that may be true. However, you should be familiar with the feeling of your blood pressure spiking and your heart clenching when you lose the level, the match or died for the last time.
Usually, people take a break. That’s understandable. Go play something else, get yourself back to your happy place. Chinese League of Legends pro player Li ‘Vasilii’ Wei Jun, however, makes it a habit of flaming, raging, and trashing equipment. This is not the first time that Vasilii’s rage was caught on camera.
Vasilii's rage

Image via Youtube

A little background on Vasilii. He was signed by the eSports team, Newbee, earlier this year. Prior to his contract with Newbee, he was the AD Carry for IN Gaming. He was most well-known, sadly, not for his mechanical skills on the Rift but for his hair-trigger temper. His temper was demonstrated when he raged during an official LSPL (LoL Secondary Pro League) live stream.
The video shows the very end of the match with In Gaming vs Legend Dragon with LD coming out as the victor. Then the live stream switches to the players of Legend Dragon as they sit quietly instead of celebrating, looking at something off-camera. Then a loud crash resounds across the stadium which was later reported to be the work of Vasilii’s rage.

Anger Management Issues Devolved Into Abusive Nature

Since the incident in 2016, Vasilii has shown no signs of repentance. As his girlfriend noted on the live stream after just minutes before her assault:

You are the main problem, you know? And you keep blaming others, not only in game but also fans in stream (chat)room.”

Vasilii’s excuse?

“He kept laughing at me and hurt me hard, mentally,”

Not something you should hear from a professional gamer. The girlfriend tries to reason with him:

“You can block him, then. Just ignore/block him next time. He’s also streaming, you looked so dumb, you know?”

And that’s when Vasilii exploded. He flipped the table along with his computer that was still live streaming, the webcam laid on its side on the floor. It didn’t manage to visually capture his tantrum but you can see furniture being thrown across the room. The microphone picked up his stream of curses:

“F*ck your mom!” 
“What the f*ck did you mean by that?!” 

His girlfriend still tries to reason with him, but this time more fearfully:

“What? I was just trying to say something good for you! Have I ever hurt you? You get mad in game. I just don’t want others to blame you and criticize you. I don’t want to see you angry… and you beat me for this?”

Vasilii’s arrest

But Vasilii was not to be placated and threatened to kill her and beat her to death. Fortunately, he did not kill her. After a few moments of silence, the camera was moved as Vasilii puts his desk and set up back in place. He sits back down and faces his thousands of watchers on live stream as if nothing happened and queue for another game. Eventually, the police arrive at his house. A report says that the girlfriend was the one who called the police but there are also comments stating the viewers did.
A snippet of his live stream was captured and uploaded to Youtube.

Consequences of his actions

Following the incident, social media exploded. The story made its way to one of the most discussed topics on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website. Before the incident was brought to Twitter and Reddit.
His employers, Newbee LoL, released a statement on Twitter renouncing his position on the team:

Image screengrabbed from Twitter

They also released this statement on Weibo detailing his contract termination. They wanted nothing to do with the temperamental player.
Riot Games stepped up as well when they heard the news. They released the following statement and the hammer was brought down on Vasilii and he’s officially been suspended from the tournaments and he is currently undergoing further investigation.

“Following the recent reports of a domestic violence incident involving Li “Vasilii’ Wei Jun, we can confirm that Vasilii is under investigation and is suspended effective immediately from all professional, semi-professional, and Riot-sanctioned competitive play. The full extent of his suspension will be confirmed once the investigation has concluded.
There is no place for physical violence in the League of Legends community. We will not hesitate to exclude from our game and from our sport those who use violence or physical intimidation against others.”

Ragequitting is fairly common and sometimes you can’t help it. Feeling emotional after having a bad in-game experience is normal. However, devolving to a point where you feel like hurting other people, verbally or physically, is wrong.

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