Playerunknown’s Battleground New Map Announced

by Sammy Chan
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Ready for some chicken dinner?

Playerunknown’s Battleground new map was announced today. Creative director Brendan Greene did the reveal during his Gamescom keynote. The new map will be a dense city center in a desert area. No doubt, the city center will be populated by high rise buildings, creating a vertical playfield. Taller buildings will definitely change the way players handle themselves in this map.
The new map will feature a few leftover villages in the outer circle. The center of the map will, of course, be the city centers, with a primary and secondary downtown. Amongst the tall buildings, there will also be a stadium. You can check out the rough sketch of the map’s layout here.

Playerunknown's Battleground new map

Image via Brendan Greene

In the wake of an upcoming desert map, many players are also asking for a snow area to play in. Which one would you prefer? Despite the fact that the next update is next week, it is not confirmed that the new map will be part of it. All we can do now is hold our breath and wait!

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