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by Sammy Chan
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Do you have what it takes to be a shadow warrior?

Devolver Digital is giving away Shadow Warrior free copies on Steam. This is to promote the launch of the new DLC for Shadow Warrior 2, Bounty Hunt Part 2. If you enjoy Shadow Warrior, the sequel is currently 50% off on Steam. The one day only giveaway will end on 23 August, 10 AM Pacific so grab it before it’s gone! Once you add the game to your Steam library, it is yours to keep forever.

What is Shadow Warrior?

Shadow Warrior free
In a nutshell, Shadow Warrior feels like an old-school first-person shooter game. However, what makes the game enjoyable is the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously. You play as Lo Wang, a man on a mission to retrieve a powerful sword as you cut down demons that stand in your way. There various weapons to pick from your arsenal, from a katana to dual-SMG, each combat experience will feel unique. The combat pace is rather fast so you won’t feel bored for sure. If that’s not enough to convince you to get the game, the protagonist’s humour is sure to make you laugh or maybe smile a little through the story mission. Devolver Digital is also the company responsible for classics like Serious Sam and Hotline Miami.
Get Shadow Warrior for free here.
Want another free game? Bethesda Softworks is giving away Brink for free over here.
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[…] Want another free game? Devolver Digital is giving away Shadow Warrior for free over here. […]

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