Get Perfect World M Gold Ingots with Direct Top Up at SEAGM

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You can now purchase Gold Ingots for Perfect World Mobile from SEAGM with direct account top-up. Unlock skins, cosmetics, dark sigils and more with cheap SEAGM prices. All you need is your User and Character ID, and server name and pay for instant bound and unbound gold ingots. No password required!

What can you use Perfect World Gold Ingots on?

You can spend Perfect World M Gold Ingots on various in game items, mainly cosmetics. Get permanent skins, rank ascension materials, stones various skins and more. You can unlock cosmetics for:

  • Headwear
  • Outfits
  • Mounts
  • Flying Gear

Get it on iOS and Android!

Experience pulse-pounding battles across a brand new cross-server map, and perhaps some heartwarming moments as well! Working together with your allies, overcome the perils of reincarnation against soul-leeching monster! And finally, let the beauty of your voice spread wonder in the Perfect Voice contest.

perfect world m gold ingots

With next-gen graphics and a vast open-world, stride above clouds as you soar beyond the bend of the horizon, walk boundless lands spread across a myriad of biomes, and dive deep into an ocean as blue and deep as it is mysterious, Perfect World beckons you to adventure!

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