Pre-registered for Blade & Soul 2? PC VS Mobile Gameplay using NCSoft Purple

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As the title says, pre registration is now open! It’s been open since February 9th, and is set to take the MMORPG world by storm. What’s amazing about it is Blade & Soul 2 will be a true cross-platform experience, but which one’s better? We take an in depth look below.

Blade & Soul 2 – A Sequel?

As misleading as the title of NCSoft’s game, Blade & Soul 2 will NOT be a direct sequel to the original Blade & Soul. It’s a brand new story, but held in the same world. “A brand new IP” says their Chief Creative Director.

However, just like it’s predecessor, Blade & Soul 2 will be available on mobile (of course!). But what sets it apart is a “true cross-platform experience” between PC and Mobile players via Purple, NCsofts emulator software which was introduced back in November 2019.

So which is better? PC or Mobile?

Playing the game on the NCsoft’s Purple emulator on PC has its advantages:

  • Purple supports native 4K resolution at 60FPS on PC with the required specifications
  • Graphics and textures will be more details on PC
  • PC version supports 200-degree field of view, much wider than mobile devices
  • Similar to most Android emulators, players can customize all keys to their liking

On the other hand, if you’re already familiar with playing MMORPG’s on mobile, then you’d know of its convenience, and portability. Graphically, gaming for mobile in 2021 is good enough even for angry NVIDIA 3080 users. Just make sure you’ve got enough battery juice to power through your gaming session.

At the end of the day, the best experience is based on what YOU as the player finds suits you best. You can pre-register for Blade & Soul 2 (South Korea) right now, or if you’re a fan of the original, you can still play Blade & Soul today. You can get all the NCsoft NCoins you need from SEAGM.

If you have NCsoft codes, and wondering how to apply it? Easy:

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