[FREE GAME] Get Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Free

by Yong Chi Winn
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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault has been made free to download on Origin for a limited period of time! We don’t know when this promotion will end so you’ll want to head over to the origin website and click on “get it now” to claim your free copy.

Pacific Assault Returns in EA’s ‘On the House’ Promotion

We know what you’re thinking. The game may be ancient; however, to any starving gamer, any free game is a worth game. The worst case scenario will simply lead to you uninstalling (but you won’t lose the game from your origin library), so it’s not going to cost you too much trouble.
This may be Origin’s answer to Steam’s recent giveaway of 1 million digital copies of Payday 2. We hope this becomes a regular tradition– more free games for us!

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