Doma Castle Dungeon Guide – FFXIV Stormblood

by Sammy Chan

Defeat Grynewaht with this Doma Castle Dungeon Guide!

This is the written Doma Castle dungeon guide, in this guide we’ll walk you through Magitek Rearguard, Magitek Hexadrone, and Hypertuned Grynewaht. The dungeon itself is not too hard and mainly focuses on AoE dodging. Here’s a quick run through of the boss and each of their unique skills you should look out with visual guide included.

Magitek Rearguard

The first boss of Doma Castle is pretty easy to deal with. Straightforward battle with basic dodging and positioning.
Garlean Fire
The boss picks a player and lay down a line of fire in their direction to send out a barrage of fire by sequence. Running out of the of red telegraph will prevent you from getting damaged.
Blue laser
Vertical lasers will begin spawning. The cast time is about two second after they after so players should move accordingly and reposition if needed.
Blue laser + Rearguard Mine
Next, the boss is going to call on his Rearguard Mine on both sides of the room. The Mines are going to cross over to the other side so make sure to stay out of their way.

Magitek Hexadrone

The Magitek Hexadrone is up next, get ready for Positioning 101. This battle will have you moving around a lot so if you’re a Monk.. 🙁
Circle of Death
Hexadrone will spin in a full circle around itself to deal damage to anyone inside the telegraph and stepping back until the cast is over will keep you safe.
After Circle of Death, it will place a stack marker on a player so that means stacking!
Red laser
Mini drones will spawn on random sides of the room to make random patterns, re-position and avoid getting hit. The red laser line indicates the middle of a rectangularly shaped telegraph and the telegraph goes across the room.
Magitek Missiles
Pillars will appear on the battle arena and each pillar requires a player to stand in it to minimize damage.

Hypertuned Grynewaht

As a consequence of multiple defeat, Grynewaht decides to hyper tune himself. He seems rather crazed and jumps into battle filled with rage and bloodlust. This battle focuses on position and dodging area of effects featuring a few familiar patterns.
This is basically a tank buster. Grynewaht will start the battle with this skill so tanks are prepared to use a defensive cooldown.
Red marker
Placing this away from each other will help minimize damage.
Proximity marker
Picking a player, Grynewaht will mark them with a proximity marker. Run to the opposite side of the room and away from your team to place the marker. Once you drop it, sprint back to your group quickly.
Spinning blades
Once these spinning blades appear on the sides of the arena, position yourself so that you are not in the way of its’ firing sight.
Red laser
Just as the previous boss did, Grynewaht will use the same skill so just position yourself.
That’s it for the battle of Doma Castle! Enjoy the cutscene 🙂
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