Death Stranding Playable on PS4

by Sammy Chan
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Death Stranding confirmed and it is going to be more than revolutionary. The new Hideo Kojima masterpiece is not just a trailer on its way to becoming a myth!
The community was beginning to worry after the game’s no-show in E3 2017. Speculations that Kojima was going to take the fans for a long and delayed ride before the game release in 2050 as his reputation precedes, was not far away.

Death Stranding Exists

However, in a Telegraph interview with Shawn Layden, the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Layden states that he has played the game on the PS4.
Now we know that gameplay exists, but the best part is his answer when asked :
“Is it as revolutionary as Kojima-san is promising?”
Layden said.“All that and more!”
Well, you heard it, folks! The high bar has been set and PlayStation has our full attention.
Apparently, Kojima co-op with the Decima engine from Guerilla, the graphics engine that powered the PlayStation chart-topping game, Horizon Zero Dawn. If you’ve played the game then you’ll understand why this was the best decision Kojima could’ve made. The game is stunning.

Image via PlayStation

If we’re lucky, we’ll get to see some gameplay at PSX this December.
Regarding the release date, last year, Kojima has hinted that the game will be out sometime before 2019 and he mentioned that it will be out before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Let’s hope he keeps to his word.

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