Overwatch Uprising Event Renamed Into Overwatch Archive

by Sammy Chan
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It’s about that time of the year. Overwatch Uprising is coming back and a little something extra too! According to a Developer update, Jeff Kaplan and Tim Ford from the Overwatch team has given us a little update regarding the return of the Overwatch Uprising event.

Overwatch Archives

If you weren’t aware, Overwatch Uprising was a PVE event last year that unveiled a little bit about Overwatch’s past. This was followed up by a comic strip that gave us a more detailed rundown of the event. The main characters included Reinhardt, Tracer, Torbjorn and Mercy.
This chapter sheds some light on the events while Overwatch was still in active duty. The omnics had gone rogue and a team of Overwatch heroes was sent to subdue them. That’s you!
Now, for the return, Kaplan and Ford talked about Overwatch Archives. If you’ve noticed the lootboxes from last year’s Uprising event, you can see “Overwatch Archive” written on the box. So according to the update, Overwatch Archives will be a bigger concept that will include Overwatch Uprising.
Basically, Overwatch Archives will be the concept that drives the Overwatch lore forward. Players will be allowed to revisit confidential and classified files in the Overwatch history. And we’re starting off with the Omnic Uprising in Kings’ Row.
Overwatch also released a brief teaser on their Twitter:

Now, if you press play on the video, you’ll notice that the image flickers. Take a closer look on it, frame by frame. And if you can’t be bothered, we’ve screenshotted it for you.

Not only does the file number change from 00382 to 00274. The years change from 7 years ago to 8 years ago. And the security clearance when from Confidential to Classified. So obviously, this is another mission file that takes place before the uprising.
Of course, new emotes, poses and skins will be revealed soon. Kaplan has also hinted that there will be a new skin for your “favourite Shimada brother”. The event is due to start on 10 April, so be ready for it!

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