Top 5 April Fools’ Pranks From Companies

by Sammy Chan
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5. The GeForce Academy of Gaming

Nvidia transformed their website into a gaming academy registration. If you scroll down in the website, you’ll get to choose between three majors: “Hardware Studies”, “Esports Management” and “Gameosophy.” Once you’ve chosen your major you will be redirected to another page where you will choose your courses.
Of course, these aren’t real courses. How do we know? Well…

Seriously though, have a click through to see what other “courses” they have. Hell, sign up if you want!

4. T-Mobile: The World’s First Smartshoephone

Take a good look at this because it’s the world’s first Smartshoephone. You will never have to carry a phone again, as long as you have these shoes! It’s equipped with a heavy duty “stepscreen” on the bottom of the shoe you can use as a touchscreen, a sole-speaker to share your soul music and the shoelaces are earpods! Good luck trying to walk with that!
You can even take selfies with your foot! (But only if you’re really flexible)

3. Discord’s @someone Is Now A Thing!

Have you ever wanted to tag someone on a Discord server but you can’t remember their name? Or maybe you’re feeling lonely and you just want someone to see what you’ve posted! Well, now you can! With Discord’s newest tag function @someone, it’s a roulette of names.
Also, whoever made their promo video had to be on some form of narcotics. Though, this function isn’t completely a prank because you can actually use the tag in the server. Well, what are you waiting for? Tag someone on discord now. Literally!

2. Final Fantasy XIV Online GO

This is the future, ladies and gents. For those of you who play FFXIV, you know exactly what’s up. Gathering as never been more immersive with the Final Fantasy XIV Online GO! It’s totally not a rip-off of Pokemon GO. Now not only will you be able to gather in FFXIV on your computer. You can also gather materials in the real world!
It works the same way as Pokemon GO except with nodes. And if you want to increase your gathering rate, you can purchase “The Harvesting Stick” as an add on (it’s a selfie stick). It’s not just any plastic stick! The harvesting stick was designed and engineered to boost our gathering effectiveness (it’s a selfie stick).

1. Hornhub. Need I Say More?

Now I love the sound of a saxophone as much as the next person. But really?
And that’s our list of best April Fools’ pranks! Which ones did you like best?

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