All Overwatch's New Hero Brigitte Skins

by Sammy Chan
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Brigette Lindholm. Overwatch’s latest addition to the roster. She’s a tanky support character designed to be fighting on the front lines. She’s currently live on the public test realm for testing before her official launch. Check out the gallery above for all Brigitte skins!

Bridgitte Skins

We have all Bridgitte skins featured in the moving gallery above for your viewing pleasure. As always, Rare skins will cost 75 Overwatch credits. An Epic and Legendary skin will cost you 250 and 1,000 Overwatch credits respectively. Accompanying these skins are three victory poses that costs

Bridgitte Origin Story

Brigitte is the daughter of Torbjorn Lindholm. Obviously, being the daughter of Overwatch’s Weapons Master, Brigette grew in her father’s workshop, surrounded by heroes such as Reinhardt, who is also her godfather. She learned the craft and was assigned to Reinhardt as his squire.
But after working with Reinhardt and seeing the wounds and scars he suffers from after every battle, Brigette decided that sometimes waiting to patch heroes up after the battle could be too late. Hence, Brigette crafted her own set of armours to be able to join the heroes in the fray.
If you want to watch Brigitte voice-acted official Overwatch Origins Story video, click here.

Brigitte Victory Poses

Finally, here are all three of Brigitte victory poses, they cost 75 Overwatch credits each. These include Confident, Rally and Relaxed respectively.

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