Overwatch Lunar New Year Event 2018 Date Confirmed

by Sammy Chan
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Another lunar new year means new Overwatch skins. Now that’s a reason to celebrate! Blizzard has confirmed the date for the new Overwatch Lunar New Year Event 2018! According to this tweet, the event will take off on 8 February:
Overwatch Lunar New Year

What We Know

There’s no set date for the event date end but we can easily predict this based on the time they set for last year’s Lunar New Year event. The event took off a little bit earlier last year, starting at 24 Jan and ending on 13 Feb. So it lasted about 3 weeks.
If we go by that formula, this year’s Lunar New Year event will end on 28 Feb. I’m assuming that the reason why the event was delayed this year is that, at the start of 2018, Overwatch released a whole new wave of base loot box cosmetics.
This includes Kabuki Hanzo, Nova Widowmaker, Barbarian Zarya and many other legendary skins. Now, following the release of all that, we’re getting even more skins along with the ones from last year! Blizzard does a very good job at spoiling us.
So far we haven’t been given the slightest clue as to how any of the new skins are going to look like but we’ll keep this post updated for when they come out. For now, you can expect the following skins to be made available in loot boxes or purchase with credits:

  • Tal Ana
  • Rooster Bastion
  • Palanquin D.va
  • Firework Junkrat
  • Chang’e Mei
  • Luna Mei
  • Fortune Mercy
  • Wujing Reinhardt
  • Bajie Roadhog
  • Qipao Symmetra
  • Rose Tracer
  • Wukong Winston
  • Sanzang Zenyatta

Of course, this means the sprays, emotes and player icons will also be made available along with the new ones. Last year they had “Capture the Rooster” as a game mode in a redecorated Lijiang tower. I wonder what the team has in store for us this year…

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