FFXIV: Sigmascape V2.0 Normal Text Guide

by Sammy Chan

Now, this is a pretty fun fight. Just like Deltascape V2.0, you have a special button. Except instead of Levitation, you have black paint. You’re going to be using this throughout the fight so don’t forget about it. Here’s a list of skills and what to do about them:

List of Skills:

  • Demonic Howl – Raid-wide AoE
  • Demonic Shear – Tank Buster
  • Possession – Demon Chadarnook will possess one of the 4 paintings around the arena and it’s always going to be done in a specific sequence.

First Possession:

He possesses the painting on south east of the arena. Halfway through the possession cast, run and stand on top of the sketch in front of the painting and use black paint. This will give you a fire resistance buff that will allow you to survive Flash Fire.

Second Possession:

He possesses the paiting on the north east of the arena. Same as the first, halfway through the cast, run to stand on the sketch in front of the painting and use black paint. This will put you in a plane that allows you to dodge the ground AoE. You will have to manually dismount after the attack goes off.

Third Possession: 

He possesses the painting on the north west of the arena. For this one, only one player will need to use black paint. Careful not to use it too early because it will wear off. You can use it halfway after he starts casting Possession but not before. When he finally possesses the painting and start casting Demonic Wave everyone will have to get behind the rock in respect to the blue painting because that’s where the attack is coming from.

Fourth Possession:

He possesses the painting on the south west. Now only one player will use black paint this time. Everyone else should be stacked in the corner of the arena. The player who uses black paint will mount Typhoon. Their job is to click on the feathers and use Typhoon’s skill to blow the Easterly away from the party.

Fifth Possession:

He will possess two paintings. The north west and south east one. Halfway through the cast, go get your fire resistance debuff and then someone summon the rock to prepare for Demonic Wave. Flash Fire will go off first and then Demonic Wave.

Sixth Possession:

Again he will possess two paintings. This time it the north east and south east painting. Get the fire resistance buff first before you mount the plane. So paint the sketch on the south east before you paint north east. This is because once you’re in the plane, you can’t use black paint.

Seventh Possession:

Exactly like the fifth.

Eighth Possession:

Exactly like the sixth.

  • Release – Demon Chadarnook moves away from the painting he last possessed and back to the middle to start casting another Possession.
  • Demonic Stone – A small AoE will appear underneath players with the homing mark. Moving out of the AoE is not enough. You will have to kite the attacks because it will follow you for about 4 ticks before it disappears. Becareful about where you kite these because other players can get hit by them too.
  • Demonic Wave – Directional Raid-wide AoE that can be avoided by hiding behind the rock summoned using black paint.
  • Demonic Pain – The boss tethers to the players. Move away from him until the tethers turn purple or else you’ll get a vulnerability debuff.

These timestamps are merely approximations!

Phase 1:

0:02 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
0:12 – Demonic Shear (Tank buster)
0:20 – Possession (South East)
0:50 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
1:00 – Demonic Shear (Tank Buster)
1:10 – Release
1:15 – Possession (North East)
1:40 – Demonic Stone (Homing marks)
1:50 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
2:00 – Demonic Shear (Tank Buster)
2:05 – Release
2:15 – Possession (North West)
2:30 – Demonic Wave
2:40 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
3:50 – Demonic Shear (Tank Buster)
3:10 – Release
3:15 – Possession (South West)
3:45 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
3:50 – Demonic Pain
4:02 – Stack
4:28 – Release

Phase 2:

4:32 – Possession (Flash Fire and Demonic Wave)
4:40 – Flash Fire (Fire-based raid-wide AoE)
4:42 – Demonic Wave
4:55 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
5:14 – Demonic Shear (Tank Buster)
5:25 – Release
5:30 – Possession (Flash Fire and Earthquake)
6:15 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
6:20 – Demonic Shear (Tank Buster)
6:35 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
6:45 – Release
6:50 – Possession (Flash Fire and Demonic Wave)
7:15 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
7:37 – Demonic Shear (Tank Buster)
7:50 – Release
8:00 – Possession (Flash Fire and Earthquake)
8:30 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
8:40 – Demonic Shear (Tank Buster)
8:50 – Demonic Howl (Raid-wide AoE)
And that’s the whole fight! If you haven’t already, check out our Byakko EX and Sigmascape V1.0 text guide.

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