FFXIV: Sigmascape V1.0 Normal Text Guide

by Sammy Chan

All aboard the ghost train! Here’s our Sigmascape V1.0 Normal Text Guide. As easy as this fight is, things can get pretty confusing if you don’t know what certain skills do. Don’t worry, this guide will make things easier. The fight is about 10 minutes long. Here’s a list of Phantom Train’s skills:

List of Skills:

  • Box – Square AoE appear on the ground down the middle of the area. Do not stand in these when they come up or you’ll die immediately.
  • Head On – Proximity based damage AoE damage. Run away from the front.
  • Diabolic Whistle – Summons Ghost Tethers and Freight Lights OR Ghost March
  • Ghost Tethers – A ghost is tethered to a player and it floats slowly toward them and if they touch them, they get transported into the train and the only way to get out is to kill the ghost inside.
  • Freight Lights – A marker spawns on your character and a spotlight follows you around. Use these to kill the tether ghosts.
  • Ghost March – Ghosts appear on either side of the arena and move across. Avoid these or you’ll get transported into a train cart.
  • Diabolic Headlamp – A line stack marker. Players should gather in the middle of the arena in a line to share the damage.
  • Doom Strike – Tank Buster
  • Diabolic Wind –  Green AoE markers appear on a player and deal a significant amount of damage.
  • Acid Rain – Raid-wide AoE
  • Add Phase – Phantom Train disengages and Putrid Passengers are going to appear on the arena.
  • Phase Change – Everyone grab a ghost quick! Get transported away or you’ll die of Suffocation.
  • Prey – Players get marked with a marker that will drop a proximity-based AoE. Drop these in the back.

Phase 1:

0:10 – Box (AoE)
0:20 – Head On (Proximity based AoE damage)
0:50 – Freight Lights
1:00 – Diabolic Headlamps
1:10 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost Tethers + Freight Lights)
1:40 – Doom Strike (Tank Buster)
1:50 – Diabolic Wind (Green AoE)
2:05 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost March)
2:40 – Acid Rain (Raid-wide AoE)
3:15 – Add Phase & Diabolic Wind (Green AoE)
3:50 – Phase Change

Phase 2:

5:05 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost Tethers & Freight Lights)
5:10 – Acid Rain (Raid-wide AoE)
5:30 – Doom Strike (Tank Buster)
5:42 – Diabolic Whistle & Head On
6:00 – Acid Rain (Raid-wide AoE)
6:06 – Diabolic Headlamp and Prey
6:30 – Doom Strike (Tank Buster)
6:40 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost Tethers & Freight Lights)
6:45 – Acid Rain (Raid-wide AoE)
7:05 – Head On and Diabolic Wind
7:15 – Acid Rain (Raid-wide AoE)
7:25 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost March) & Diabolic Wind
7:40 – Diabolic Headlamps (Linear Stack)
7:45 – Acid Rain (Raid-wide AoE)
8:00 – Doom Strike (Tank Buster) & Prey
8:15 – Acid Rain (Raid-wide AoE) & Freight Lights
8:30 – Diabolic Wind
8:45 – Doom Strike (Tank Buster)
8:50 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost Tethers & Freight Lights)
9:00 – Acid Rain (Raid-wide AoE)
And that’s the whole fight! If you haven’t seen it, here’s our guide for the new Stormblood Primal: Byakko Extreme!

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