New Rewards, Skins and Game Modes: Overwatch Halloween Terror!

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Ready for spooky, action packed mild cartoon fantasy violence? The Overwatch Halloween Terror Event returns, alongside some familiar arcade game modes, and some new awesome looking skins. Have you acquired all of them? Let’s take a look at the whole collection. Boo!

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020

Last we touched on Overwatch was the Summer Games. Now, we have the Halloween, set to scare the socks off it’s players. But let’s be real here, there’s nothing scary about Overwatch to begin with. No seriously. Anyways, in celebration of this horrific holiday, Team Blizzard is bringing chilling new cosmetics, weekly rewards, and some spooky spins on the returning Junkerstein’s Revenge. There’s also the action-packed co-op brawl with new challenges.

Junkenstein’s Revenge – New ways to play

Junkersteins Revenge has been a staple ever since it was announced. In case you’re wondering, this game mode is unlike what is expected in standard gameplay, because it’s a game mode under it’s arcade section that features 4 players against a horde of robotic zomnics (robot zombies in simple terms) and a couple of “bosses”. Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 brings new ways to play, and changes weekly:

First Week

  • Vengeful Ghost – A deadly ghost chases players
  • Franzied Stampede – Zomnics move faster

Second Week

  • Volatile Zomnics – Zomnics explode near players
  • Three They Were – Only three players, but they do more damage

Third Week

  • Mystery Swap – TBA
  • Shocking Surprse – TBA

Weekly Challenges

As usual, with every seasonal event, comes weekly challenges with rewards given as players progress along. 


Last but not least, is of course, more skins! If you’ve missed out on the previous year’s Halloween skins, now’s your chance to snag them. On a side note, The DVA Shin Ryeong skin looks pretty dope! Check them all out below:

So, what are your favourite skins? In conclusion to this long Halloween writeup, have you seen our Halloween Special “Jumpscare” Challenge series? Here’s one:

You can find the rest of the series here.

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