Overwatch Free Weekend November 2017

by Sammy Chan
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By now, you must have seen this event before but hey, free is free right? Here’s another Overwatch Free Weekend starting 17 until 20 November (Friday – Monday). The game will be made free to play on all platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4). With Blizzcon still relatively fresh in our minds, it is highly recommended that you take this opportunity to see what the hype is about.


If you’re on PC, you need the Battle.net App on your desktop and a Blizzard Account. Both these things are FREE. After you launch the Battle.net App, click on the Overwatch Icon and download the game for free and start playing!
For PlayStation 4, you’ll need an account with active PlayStation Plus subscription. Go to the PlayStation Store and search for “Overwatch.” There will be an “Overwatch Free Weekend” option. Select that and download the game to start your journey as an Overwatch Hero!
And finally, Xbox One owners, you must have an account  Xbox Live account with active Xbox Live Gold subscription. Go to the Xbox One Store and search for “Overwatch.” Select the “Overwatch: Origins Edition” and click on “Free Trial” to download and you know the rest.


You can refer to this chart to see what times your servers open for the public:

Image via Blizzard


Free accounts created during this free weekend can be transferred, should you decide to get the game. This means that all the skins you attained from level up boxes, your hero hours and your level will be maintained through the upgrade. There will be no heroes you won’t have access to or maps you cannot play. Of course, this means that you can play the recently released Moira.
However, you will not be able to play Competitive Mode until you’ve purchased the game. More details are available in the official Blizzard website, should you need it.

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