FFXIV: Rival Wings – New PVP Mode, Map and Mount

by Sammy Chan
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Next Tuesday on 21 November, FFXIV players will be getting patch 4.15. This patch will be introducing the new PvP mode – Rival Wings. The new mode will have its very own brand new map based on the Dravanian Hinterlands called Astralogos. There’s also a new mount that player can obtain via playing Rival Wings.


Astralogos is the remnants of a Sharlayan testing site transformed by the goblins of Idyllshire into an expansive training ground. The match will pitch a total of 48 players against each other. Divided into two teams, the Falcons and the Ravens, the goal is to protect your own core and destroy the opponent’s. However, it’s not as simple as striking down your opponent’s core. Before you can even touch that, you’ll first have to destroy the towers that are protecting the core with their magitek field.


Besides that, there are multiple types of machinery that players can use to their team’s advantage. There’re three different type of machine weapons with different specialization. Visually, the represent bosses from previous raid tier, Alexander. There’s one effective against players and another specializing structure destruction. The third machine is superior to both players and structures.


Small weapons include Automaton, Storm Cannon, and Power Generator. Automatons will automatically work towards attacking your opponent’s tower and core. Storm Cannon can deal a devastating blow to your opponents from a distance. We’re assuming that destroying/occupying the enemy’s power Generator will most likely put a halt to their machine functioning.


Here’s a look at the mount that player can obtain a reward from playing Rival Wings. Lalafells are held by the mount whereas other races will be sitting in its big, firm palm. We’re guessing the mount will be rewarded upon 200 wins in the new mode.

Rival Wings

Image via FFXIV JP Blog

Rival Wings

Image via FFXIV JP Blog

For more information about the new mode, check out the FFXIV dev blog.

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