Streamer Spotlight: An Interview with Kaekaemon

by Sammy Chan
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There’s no denying the fact that streaming / making YouTube video is easily becoming a trend. However, the road to fame and success is anything but easy.
This week, we have Kaekaemon, a streamer on Twitch, to give you an insight into what it’s like to start out as a streamer. Kaekaemon will be the first streamer to help us kick off Streamer Spotlight. We picked him to shine the spotlight on because he’s one unique and sneaky dude who streams from his university library. The dedication for uptime is real.

Could you begin by telling us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Kaemon but otherwise known as ‘Kaekaemon’ online. I’m a part-time content creator, mainly focusing my efforts on streaming on Twitch. When I’m not streaming, I’m pursuing my degree in Mass Communication and a student writer for the Garena Student Alliance. Fun fact; my name is actually of Japanese origin, unfortunately, I’m not one bit Japanese.

You have a pretty unique name. Was that picked out by your parents or … ?

Yeap, my mum did, don’t think she was influenced by Pokemon in any way though. She wanted something unique and she saw this Japanese name and just went with it. Little did she know, the name would be related to the biggest Japanese cartoons such as Doraemon, Digimon, Pokemon.

How is it pronounced? Kei-mon? Kai-mon?

For ease, I tell people it’s pronounced Kay-men. But officially, it’s pronounced Ka-ey-mon.

How did you get motivated to start streaming?

Well, this is a long-ish story. I initially started making Minecraft videos on YouTube back in high school but started to get busy with school and whatnot. After about a long 4 year hiatus, I started looking at making content again for YouTube. At the time I was addicted to Paladins, so naturally, I made Paladins related content. And a bit later on, Pokemon GO was released and I made several videos on Pokemon GO as well.
Soon after getting back into the whole YouTube thing, I found this wonderful gaming social platform called Fundeavour. This is where I found a treasure trove of knowledge on almost everything related to content creation. One section really stood out to me at the time, the section about streaming on Twitch. Before Fundeavour, I was under the impression that streaming was an extremely difficult thing to do but I was happily mistaken. I decided why not give it a try, I had a decent laptop, a decent webcam, a decent microphone, let’s do this! Ever since then, my life has changed quite a bit. Getting all sorts of opportunities I would have never thought of getting in my life.

So do you still make Youtube videos or just stream on Twitch now ?

I mainly stream then I’ll take highlights and put it on my (YouTube) channel. ‘Cause Hearthstone is game by game so sometimes there are crazy games, so I just take those games and put them on my channel.

Could you share with us some of the life-changing experiences you got from streaming?

Well, having streamed for about roughly 7 months I have met so many people with the same passions and have gotten so many different opportunities, sponsorship and such. I have had viewers tell me that watching my stream really makes them happy and makes their day, that is something that really motivates me to continue streaming. And of course, getting my first genuine donation was awesome too.

What was the game you played when you initially started streaming?

If I can recall correctly, I first started streaming Hearthstone because my current rig/laptop can only really support lower end games. Being a big Pokemon fan and knowing the existence of emulators on PC, I naturally wanted to try streaming Pokemon. Having never played the Pokemon games past Pokemon Emerald, I started streaming Pokemon Platinum after a month of streaming Hearthstone. After three to four months, I had completed both Pokemon Platinum and Black on stream.
I mainly play Hearthstone on my channel but occasionally weave in other games as well. Currently I’m looking at playing Pokemon Emerald all over again on my Twitch channel.

Is streaming complicated? For example,setting up a stream, preparing for it , keeping to schedule.

At first, streaming can be ‘complicated’, but once you’ve got your basic streaming set up, it definitely becomes much easier but I would say the hard work to build your channel and your audience comes next. Preparing for stream is not too difficult but that really depends on your level of confidence and your streaming knowledge. I usually take about 10 minutes to prep the software programs I will need eg. Chat app, chat bots, OBS (streaming software). Keeping to a schedule can be tricky, especially since I’m still a student but I try my best to stream every weekday night for about 2-3 hours. As streamer, consistency is key in order build your channel, so I usually try my best to keep to the schedule that I set myself which is 9pm to 12am on weekdays.

You mentioned streaming Pokemon. How long have you been a Pokemon fan?

I’ve been a Pokemon fan since I was a little boy. I started with the anime and absolutely falling in love with Pokemon. As I got older, my folks got me a Gameboy Colour and the first Pokemon game, Pokemon Yellow.
Ever since then I’ve been a Pokemon fan boy but because I didn’t own a Nintendo DS, I stop keeping up with the games. You could say that my Pokemon knowledge got halted at Generation 3, which happens to be my favorite generation by the way.

What do you think of the game in comparison to then and now?

If I have to be absolutely honest, I enjoyed the older generations (1-3) of Pokemon. Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t really learnt all the names of the newer Pokemon but the newer designs of Pokemon are far edgier and weird. I feel like an old person just saying that. In short, I prefer the classic design of the older generations, call me nostalgic.

Are you excited for Ultra Sun / Moon then?

As mentioned before, I never played the newer games (because no DS, FeelsBadMan) but from the news I’ve been seeing, the game seems to be jammed pack with new content, Ultra Beasts, Rainbow Rocket, but the part I’m most excited about is that they are bringing back the Legendaries from past games. Definitely looking forward to watching the gameplay.

Since your name sounds like a Pokemon, what do type of Pokemon do you think you would be if you were one?

If I were a Pokemon, I think I would be an Electric type because I’m quite an excitable person, kinda!

Which Pokemon is your favorite or which one can u you relate to the most?

Design-wise, I would say Ditto, such a unique Pokemon. But personally, I relate to Snorlax – for obvious reasons.

Speaking of Ultra Sun / Moon, there’s a launch event for the game happening this weekend at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur. Will you be attending?

Its undecided at the moment, unless I can get some sort of special privileges *wink wink* I KID, IS JUST JOKE. But seriously though, hook a brudder up? XD

What’s your opinion about having more gaming events happening locally?

Definitely support them all the way! Malaysia needs more gaming events like these that aren’t eSports-centric. But being a student, these events can be quite painful on the wallet.

Well the Pokemon Ultra Sun / Moon Launch Event is completely free so hopefully we’ll see you there! Before we end, do you have any advice for new and aspiring streamers?

Keep an open mind when getting into streaming. Do it because it’s fun, not because you (want to) get famous. The fame will come but you (got to) put in (the) hard work. Heck, I’ve been streaming for almost 7 months now and I haven’t even achieved Twitch Affliate status yet. However, these 7 months of streaming have been an awesome journey, I’ve met so many new and awesome people, gotten opportunities I would have never dreamt of and even inspired some of my viewers along the way.
Thanks for having a chat with us Kaemon! Be sure to check out his channel if you’re a Hearthstone or Pokemon fan. If you’re a streamer looking for more exposure and wants to have a chat with us too, go ahead and drop us an e-mail at

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