Overwatch 2017 Legendary Winter Skins and Emotes

by Sammy Chan
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Come see what Blizzard has prepared for you! The Winter Wonderland update includes new Overwatch 2017 legendary winter skins, emotes and game mode.
To start us off, here’s what the new legendary skins look like!

Snow Owl Ana

Image via Blizzard

Ana is known for having a variety of beautiful masks in her skins and it’s no different this time. An odd but surprisingly fitting theme for our favorite granny sharpshooter.

Avalanche Bastion

Image via Blizzard

Owls seem to be the theme this year and this time, it’s with the adorable omnic that suffers from PTSD. His bird had been replaced with… Hedwig? And he’s wearing a snowball beanie! Omnics get cold too, okay?

Alpine: 76

Image via Blizzard

Soldier: 76 looks like he just came straight out of Dead Space and into Overwatch. His snowsuit looks wicked and I don’t think that’s a snowball gun.

Casual Hanzo

Image via Blizzard

I don’t believe my eyes! Mr. Rules-and-Honor himself, in casual clothing! This might be the best Christmas yet. And that man bun? Love it!

Rime Sombra

Image via Blizzard

There’s a hint of aquatic creature feel to this skin. A little bit scaly and yet it fits the hacker perfectly. She looks like she’s up to no good. And as she runs, she leaves behind a trail of icy mist. Let’s hope the enemies can’t see that.

Ice Fisherman Roadhog

Image via Blizzard

Roadhog makes a surprisingly adorable walrus. With those beady eyes and snout. You can have all the fish you want, man. Just please don’t hook me.

Beachrat Junkrat

Image via Blizzard

And last but not least, the badly sunburnt Junkrat from the land down under where they’re enjoying the sun and summer. Blizzard is as thoughtful as ever.

Yeti Hunter Gamemode

Image via Blizzard

As expected, Blizzard has blessed us with the new Arcade Brawl: Yeti Hunter. Basically, one player will be randomly selected as the “Yeti” which is really just Winston in his Yeti skin from 2016. The goal of the Yeti is to sneak and jump away from the other players while searching for “Meat” that will charge his ultimate. The catch? They’re all Meis.
This game mode can be really fun when you play with friends or absolutely terrifying when you’re the Yeti.
Aside from Yeti Hunter, Mei’s Snowball Offensive makes a return from 2016.


This year, Blizzard is determined to make our Christmas dreams come true. How many times have we watched the cliche movie scene of Christmas day where the kid opens up their hole-filled box to reveal-

Image via Blizzard

That’s right, folks. Orisa got a puppy for Christmas! I don’t know ’bout you, but this beats Zarya’s box of endless presents for me. Everything else pales in comparison.

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