The Steam Winter Sale 2017: How To Prepare And What To Expect

by Sammy Chan
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The holidays are approaching and to us gamers, it can only mean one thing– Steam Winter Sale! If you don’t know, the Steam Winter Sale 2017 is speculated to arrive on 21 December.
This information was leaked on Reddit earlier this year. Valve has not confirmed the leaked dates but the information was spot on for the Autumn Sales, so our chances are looking good.
As we all know, the Steam Winter Sale is one of their biggest sales. Almost every game will have some sort of discount no matter how small. However, since everything is on discount, it can be hard to decide what you should be spending on and what to put on hold.
So here are some tips to handle it:
Fill up your wishlist
Do the shopping now. Remember, you can sort the games in a priority order. This helps you make the hard decisions on how much you want to spend and what to spend on.
Don’t be greedy
If you’re browsing and you see a Dark Souls 3 at 25% discount and think “It might get a higher discount tomorrow.” WRONG. All discounts during the sales stay the same throughout the sales period so don’t procrastinate because the sales will end before you even realize.
If you want a fuller and more detailed guide, click here.

What To Expect

Some of us can be very reluctant to purchase a game that’s over a hundred dollars. Instead, we choose to wait for the right sale and the right discount. Realistically, if the game you want was released earlier this year or even last year, the discounts are not going to be very big on them. At most, they would go up to 25% and even that is pushing it.
Although, it does depend on the price and genre of the game you want. For example, a triple A game like NieR: Automata, you would not normally find with an 80% discount. That goes for recently released games as well. So anything on this list is out of the question.
You can expect big discounts on games that have been released 3 or more years ago. So games like The Witcher 3, Skyrim, Fallout 4 if you’re looking at big, popular games. For Indie games: The Don’t Starve series would probably go on big bundle discounts.
Of course, these are merely expectations. Just note that new games don’t get very good discounts so don’t be too disappointed if NieR: Automata doesn’t get an 80% discount.

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