Nintendo Indie World Sale – Up to 40% off – Exit the Gungeon for only $6.99!

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There’s a Nintendo Indie World Sale going on, and it’s a pretty big one. We’re talking up to 40% off on some awesome indie titles, including a sequel to a game with an “Overwhelmingly Positive”, 10/10 review. What is it? Read on to find out:


Sales pop up once in a while, and the Nintendo Indie World Sale follows suit. If you caught the Nintendo Indie World Showcase a couple days ago (19th August 2020), you’d be surprised to know that some of the games featured in the showcase are now on discount. This includes some old favourites, and they’re going for a bargain of a price tag! 

Nintendo Indie World Sale – Full list of games


Exit the Gungeon

The title is a dead giveaway. If you’ve played it’s predecessor, “Enter the Gungeon”, you’re probably one of the 45,000 people to give this game a 10/10 rating on Steam. Following up, Exit the Gungeon is a small, spin-off ‘dungeon climber’ that immediately follows the adventures of the misfit Gungeoneers. It is a favourite for fans of platformers, and is part of the Nintendo Indie World Sale at only £6.29 / $6.99 (approximately RM 29.21). Moreover, what makes this even sweeter is the fact that you can play it anywhere on the Nintendo Switch. Get it!

Did you know that Apex Legends is coming to the Nintendo Switch?

To conclude, there are a ton of titles available for such a steal. Whatever your choice is, do give Exit the Gungeon a shot! Looking for a way to purchase games on the Nintendo eShop? SEAGM has Nintendo eShop Gift Cards available! Best of all, you can even gift it to that gamer in your life! Do check it out.

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