Free Fire Rank Season 17 – New Deathbox and new features?

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Free Fire Rank Season 17 makes its way right after Season 16 comes to an end, as it has always been with previous seasons. But is there anything else? Moreover, are there any changes made in the game? Anything removed?  Let’s take a look.

Rank Seasons

Often mistaken with the regular in-game season, Free Fire’s Rank system is also divided into seasons, which would last for two months (usually). Similar to some other competitive games out there, ranks are reset at the end of each Rank Season, with players having to play through ranked matches to increase their rank. The higher the rank, the tougher the competition.

Free Fire Rank Season 17

As per usual, ranks are reset to zero, although tiers will usually be reset to one that’s a level below. Confused? Take Season 16’s Tier reset system:

  • Heroic – Gold II
  • Diamond (I-IV) – Gold I
  • Platinum (I-IV) – Silver II
  • Gold (I-IV) – Silver I
  • Silver (I-III) – Bronze II
  • Bronze (I-III) – Bronze -I

In other words, the highest level a player can be at the start of Season 17 will be Gold II. Want to get (or get back) to Heroic? Play more rank matches. 

New features

Upon completing Rank Season 16, a Season 16 Heroic Banner, Avatar, and Jacket will be presented! (After all that hard work in the previous season, rightfully so don’t you think?). Subsequently, there will also be a new Deathbox, this time called “Deathbox Signal Transmitter”, which looks like a satellite.

Source: Free Fire ID Facebook Page

Redeem it in the Redemption shop for 5000 Rank tokens. Speaking of which, check out what else the shop has:

  • AK47 – Storm Whisperer : 7000 Rank Token
  • Desert Wrath (Hair) : 1500 Rank Token /
  • (Mask) : 2000 Rank Token / (Shoes) : 1500 Rank Token / (Bottom) : 2000 Rank Token / (Top) : 3000 Rank Token
  • Portable Radio Backpack : 5000 Rank Token
  • Storm Whisperer (Shoes) : 1500 Rank Token / (Bottom) : 2000 rank Token / (Top) : 3000 Rank Token / (Mask) : 3500 Rank Token
  • Selfie Emote : 6000 Rank Token

Get Garena Free Fire Diamonds from SEAGM

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the previous season? Above all, have you obtained Season 27’s Sushi Menace Elite Pass? Let us know in the comments section below!

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