Sony is now hiring for PlayStation 5 campaign

by Sammy Chan
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Games and movies being leaked by resumes and job listings is not unheard of. Only recently, rumors circulated about Bully 2 being Rockstar’s upcoming project due to their call castings. Well, Sony cranked this category of “leaks” up to 11 with their new Linkedin post put up just yesterday. The position is for Senior Product Manager (Campaign Management). Reading further, it is indicating towards an upcoming PlayStation 5 campaign. Here’s an excerpt from the site:

“…you would work across Partners, Product and Engineering and contribute to development and growth of PlayStation Intelligence Platform. You will own the roadmap for next generation PlayStation campaign.”

We previously heard Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida mention in an interview with Financial Times that next generation hardware is “necessary”. Seeing that “next generation”  is making so many appearances within a small time period, perhaps the PlayStation 5 is just around the corner after all. We’re guessing an E3 2019 announcement. That still aligns with our initial guess, stated in our PlayStation 5 analysis article.

PlayStation 5 campaign

Still broke from buying a PS4 Slim.

Position Details

The responsibilities of the position are, as suggested from the name, focused towards contributing towards the PlayStation Campaign. The applicant will also need to develop product & platform positioning, feature development roadmap and other marketing strats. It’s mostly a lot of business and advertising jargon.
The most notable requirement from the website would have to be the 3-5 year product management experience in the ad-tech. Applicants would also have had brought a concept to market. Basically, translate an idea to a commercially available product in a relatively short experience span. This is probably due to the fact that Sony wants someone capable of pushing out their “next-gen” hardware in the not to distant future.

Visit Sony’s Linkedin Now!

Are you intrigued and up for the challenge? The job is most likely situated in San Francisco, California. Visit Linkedin for full details. It would be so cool to actually work for Sony! -words of an inexperienced teen with no idea of the horrors of the real world. Speaking of which, what’re your thoughts on Sony’s next project? What are you hoping for in terms of hardware? Or maybe you just recently bought a PS4, is your wallet sobbing like mine? Let us know!

PlayStation 5 campaign

Up for the challenge?

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