Niantic is Making A Harry Potter AR Game

by Sammy Chan
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For the first half of 2016, it seemed like Pokemon Go was all anyone talked about. Needless to say, the Niantic augmented reality (AR) game blew up in popularity from the moment of its release on July 6, 2016. Now that the hype has more or less died down, but still very much present, Niantic has moved on to the next multi-million-dollar franchise– The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Yes, a Harry Potter AR.
According to TechCrunch, the production of the app has been confirmed. The name has already been revealed on the Niantic Labs website: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
Any information regarding the launch date of the app has yet to be confirmed. However, people are speculating it to be sometime in 2018.


As for how the game is played. No, you don’t go around catching wizards– as amusing as that sounds. You will be playing the game as a wizard. If that hasn’t sold you, there’s more! The goal of the game in is the same as Pokemon Go, get out of the house and go re-explore your neighborhood and pull out your phone in public places to progress in the game.
Except in this game, instead of catching rare and cute Pokemon, you’re learning new spells and battling fantastic beasts. Well, that’s one way to explore your neighborhood.
For those of you who have been avidly following Niantic Labs and their games, you may have noticed that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite share a similar concept to their AR game before Pokemon Go, Ingress. In Ingress, you’re separated into two factions and you go around in the real world to find “Portals” to conquer, earn points and level up. Also, the game includes a battle system in the game that allows players team up to take down enemy portals.
It seems Niantic plans to use that concept in the new Harry Potter AR.


Regardless, it’s been clear after the failed Pokemon Go festival Niantic hosted, that the developers haven’t had the best relationship with their player base. Complains regarding bugs and server problems to the multitude of microtransactions in the game are still present. Players are not happy and want answers from the company.
That being said, it is arguable that they Niantic is basically slapping on a multi-million-dollar franchise skin on to Ingress. However, they have partnered up with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the development of this game. Hopefully, in this game, the developers won’t make the same mistakes they did in Pokemon Go. For now, 2018 can’t arrive soon enough! Finally, if you’re looking for a mobile game to play, for the time being, registration for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is now open.

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