GTA Publisher Wants Microtransaction In Games To Be A Thing

by Sammy Chan
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Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games and 2k Games has stated during a conference that they are making plans to implement microtransaction in games. CEO, Strauss Zelnick said that the company is going to aim to offer “recurrent consumer spending opportunities” (i.e microtransactions) in all their upcoming games.
Recurrent consumer spending takes up 42% of Take-Two’s total profit in the last quarter. It is most likely the reason why they have decided to go down the route of microtransactions. According to Zelnick, it’s “a sea change in our business” and “transformative.”


In an investor call transcribed by Gamasutra, Zelnick shared his sentiments on microtransactions. “The business, once upon a time, was a big chunky opportunity to engage for tens of hours, or perhaps a hundred hours. That has turned into an ongoing engagement. Day after day, week after week. You fall in love with these titles, and they become part of your daily life.”
“One of the things we’ve learned,” he continues “is if we create a robust opportunity, and a robust world, in which people can play delightfully in a bigger and bigger way, that they will keep coming back. They will engage. And there is an opportunity to monetize that engagement. There’s a lot of room for growth. This is just the beginning.”


In a nutshell, what he’s trying to say is – as long as they set up a lucrative premise, gamers can be baited into purchasing. Or, in his words, engage. You would think by now publisher will realize microtransaction in a game is a bad idea. Take, for example, the backlash EA received from their loot box system in Star Wars Battlefront 2. A YouTuber, AngryJoeShow, recently ranted about it and got the attention of their EA’s PR department. Watch the interview for yourself and see how oblivious they think we are.

Finally, Red Dead Redemption 2 is Take-Two’s biggest upcoming game. The game will very likely include an online mode a.k.a the perfect opportunity to implement microtransactions. What is your opinion(s) on microtransaction in games?

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