PUBG Desert Map Screenshots Sneak Peek

by Sammy Chan
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Creator of the game, Brendan Greene gave us a sneak peek of the new PUBG desert map when he shared a fresh batch of images yesterday in a tweet. Later during the day, he also hinted where he would like the final circle to be. Initially announced back in July, the map is still a work-in-progress.
The new map, according to the publisher, was based on Peru. There’s multiple multi-storey buildings and shopping plaza connected by a crumbled main street. There’s also a prison (screenshot 3) and more open desert area featuring a run-down house.


Few hours after revealing these screenshot, Greene tweeted another picture featuring a mountainous area.
Despite the addition of new map and Xbox launch, players are still less than please with the current state of the server. The desert map will be coming to PUBG by the end of this year. New mechanics such as vaulting and climbing are also on their way.

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