New Star Wars game, Jedi: Fallen Order announced

by Sammy Chan
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During the EA Play press conference, Vince Zampella from Respawn announced the title of new Star Wars game. He gave out a little tweet tease on June 8, and while some people were expecting Titanfall 3, others caught the reference.

Sure enough, Mr. Vince announced the game along with its title when he was approached by Andrea Rene. Andrea, whom you may know from Kinda Funny and What’s Good Games, had supposedly ‘forced’ the information from him beforehand.  The announcement wasn’t anything spectacular, keeping mostly to a modest and humble conversation. This, in turn, led to some disappointed fans in the YouTube comments.

What is it already?!

Respawn’s (and EA’s) new Star Wars game will be entitled Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Vince Zampella clarified that the events of the game will take place between episodes III and IV of the SW lore. The game puts you in the shoes… if Jedis wear those,  of a lightsaber-wielding Jedi post-Order 66.  Zampella mentioned how the game’s setting will be ‘not a nice game. Dark times… Daaaaark times.”

No gameplay or cinematic footage was shown, but Zampella has announced that the game is slated for release in holiday 2019. This will mark the first Star Wars game not from DICE (and Lego) since 2011’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. 2012 if you want to include  Angry Birds Star Wars. We also don’t know what genre the game will be, we only know that we can wield a lightsaber. Respawn is famous for its first-person shooter Titanfall, but like Guerilla Games, they could explore the third-person action adventure genre. Respawn has also collaborated with Particle City to make Titanfall: Assault, which is a real-time strategy game. Long story short, a lot regarding the game is still up in the air.
With EA’s recent fiasco with the rebooted Battlefront series and the shut down of Visceral, fans have every right to be worried. EA’s reputation for treating games as a service has ruined Star Wars before, and it’s not impossible they’ll do it again. Despite developer Respawn’s brilliant reputation for Titanfall, it was back when they were an independent studio. Just last year, they were acquired by EA, and we’ve yet to see how things will turn out for the studio.

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