Anthem release date confirmed and here's all we know

by Sammy Chan
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A brand new trailer showcasing new bits of Anthem was shown during EA Play’s showcase earlier today. Revealed last year, Anthem was BioWare side and sort of secret project. The 18 minutes long trailer covers some of the game’s important features on top of a solid tour of the gameplay. But the most important bit – will there be loot boxes? Will Anthem go down the same path Star Wars did? Let’s find out.

Anthem release date details

Anthem was initially planned for a 2018 release in fall. However, EA came out today and set a solid delayed date to the game. It will be coming out next year in 2019 on February 22. Guess what else is coming out on the same day? Point is, prepare your money for February 2019.
In terms of loot boxes, there will be none. Yay! Players can of course purchase cosmetic items that are purely made for vanity only. These items will not have stats tied to them nor grant you any sort of boost. Plus, EA emphasizes that players will get what they pay for. Which means, you get what you see. There are no luck-based item rolls to see which cosmetic piece you’ll get. Well, that’s a big relief.

What is Anthem?

Anthem is a shooter game that is very similar to Destiny 2 with widely drawn inspiration from Mass Effect. Here are two basic things to start you off.
First, the exo-suits you’ll pilot, they are called Javelins. Now, there are four types of Javelins – Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm. The Ranger is a melee combat specialist while the Colossus is a slower class that wields heavy weapons. Though both Interceptor and Storm are still in development, we can make a wild guess base on their name. Interceptor will probably a class with a stealth-themed skill set whereas Storm will be the mage-like Javelin. Keep in mind that you’re a freelancer. This means you can pilot any suit you want and when you feel like. But, each suit has their unique set of skills you will have to level up.

anthem release date

Screengrab via Anthem Gameplay Features – EA Play Conference 2018 by Anthem Game

Second, the world is seamless and that means no loading screens. You can team up to a max party of four to take on missions known in the form of free play, formal missions and/or strongholds. Free play is, of course, a mode to let you explore and roam the world with your friends. Minor tasks are generated from time to time for you and your party to complete. Next, formal missions will function as main story/campaign quests that will give you more insight about the world and its residents the further you progress. And finally, stronghold are instances that you can consider as raids.

Other Anthem details

Now that we have the two most important details out of the way, here are some others we’ll breeze through. Do watch the video if you’re interested in the lore of the Anthem world (it’s not Earth)!
Anthem will be an online-only game. There is no offline mode. You can play solo, yes, but a connection to Anthem is necessary according to BioWare’s Mark Darrah. They want the game to be a “live service”. As they mentioned in the video, they want to create an ever-evolving world for us to continuously play in. Hence, you can expect a lot more updates for this game. However, with a game this big in scale, each update will probably take awhile. Still, you can expect new missions, stories
Next, this is expected but kind of sad for a Mass Effect and Dragon Age fan like me. There will be no romance option. Though, Lead producer Mike Gamble told Game Informer that there will be friendships instead. Think Mass Effect Citadel DLC. So yeah, friendzone in Anthem only. Finally, you can pre-order the game if you’re interested in the beta.
Oh and, you can change the color of your Javelins – for free. Mind = blown. So are you excited about Anthem?

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