Leapfroglobal launches Leapfrog E-Store on Shopee

by Sammy Chan
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The month of Ramadan is almost over and Raya will soon be upon us but that’s not the only thing we’ve got coming our way next week! Leapfrog Global will be launching their official e-store called Leapfrog E-Store on Shopee Malaysia, an online shopping platform, next Monday on June 11, 2018.
Leapfroglobal Group is an international incorporation housing multiple sister brands under its umbrella. They produce a myriad of products ranging from gaming gears to entertainment systems. Ever heard of Armaggeddon or Sonic Gear? These are both sister brands of Leapfroglobal too! Their other brands include Alcatroz, Audiobox, and Elysium.

Leaping onto bigger and better things

Starting Next Monday, June 11, they’ll be holding a storewide promotion on their newly launched e-store, If you’re planning a shopping spree for new gear with your duit Raya, make sure to check this deal out! To access their shop, you could either head there directly via this link or download the Shopee application on your mobile device.
Besides the awesome promotion, Armaggeddon will also be launching a new product on the same day as well. The Armaggeddon MKA 13R will be the perfect fit for any gamers’ desk! It comes in both white and black and to top it off, this beast also has RGB feature as well. We all know RGB is the real end-game now, isn’t it? 😉 The MKA 13R has several drool-worthy features!
Apart from the programmable RGB lights, it also comes with OUTEMU blue mechanical switch. Love a clicky keyboard? Then the blue switch is perfect for you since it’s the clickiest amongst them all. Not to mention the switches are protected with DiamondTech Keycaps ensuring the durability of the keyboard!

A hint and recommendations

Not sure where to begin? No worries, here’s a few recommendations to get your shopping spree going! If you’re a gamer, Armaggeddon is your go-to! Focusing on gaming peripherals, they’ve got some of the most affordable gear out there that looks just as good as another that will cost even more. Plus, they don’t just look good, they also come with cool features and offers great functionality. My personal favorites? Definitely the Raven III mouse and the MKA-3C keyboard.
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Start shopping now by clicking this banner!

As for Alcatroz, they produce CPU casings, parts, and technological accessories. For example, the AirTag 1000 is great if you’re often misplacing your things. Attach it to your item and watch it track the missing item’s last known location for you. What’s awesome is that the battery lasts up to six months so you know you can rely on this little guy. They also produce keyboard and headphones but they are less made for gaming but for entertainment purposes instead. The Trilium BTR 1 is great if you have a smart TV and a home console. This Bluetooth keyboard is great since it lets you pair up to three different devices. I have it hooked up to my TV, PlayStation 4 and smartphone. One keyboard to do all that! Of course, do check out their store and find what you need because I’m sure you’ll find something eye-catching. So did all the recommendation get you excited? Well then make sure you don’t miss the launch. Go download the app now and start shopping now!

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