New GunBound is returning to Southeast Asia

by Sammy Chan
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If you felt any trace of excitement reading the title, you’re probably a classic MMO player just like us! GunBound was the game of my teenage year. Wobbling around in customized mobiles and avatars was the highlight until the game got shut down on July 24, 2009. Yesterday at G-Star, essentially a gaming exhibition featuring Korean publishers, a Thailand-base games publisher, Electronics Extreme held a signing ceremony with Korean developer, Softnyx (the original developer of GunBound), to bring us a new online game – New GunBound!

New GunBound SEA

Officially titled as New GunBound, the game will be developed as an official sequel to the original turn-based artillery gameplay. The new publisher, Electronics Extreme will be launching New GunBound in 10 Southeast Asia countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Here’s the cool part – the game will support cross-platform! You can play it on both PC and mobile devices. PC and mobile users will be playing on the same server. Softnyx is also considering adding official support for emulators.

They are adding a new feature – real-time mode gameplay for mobile users. They’ve changed up the turn-based system to focus on “real-time strategy” elements. For those coming back to get a whiff of nostalgia – don’t worry, the old classic turn-based mode will still be there.

They’re aiming for a 3rd quarter release in 2019 meaning sometime between July to September. This might change depending on development process. Stay tuned for more information!

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