[FREE GAME] Get Steep free

by Sammy Chan
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For the next week, you can grab Ubisoft’s winter sports game for free. If you love snow, skiing and dressing your character up ridiculously – you should totally grab Steep at the low price of free.

What is Steep?

Steep is Ubisoft’s take on winter sports in an open-world. You’ll get to master up to four winter sports including snowboarding, skiing, paragliding and wingsuit.

Known for the capability to render large and realistic world, the company once again invites you on trip to explore the Alps and Alaska including Mont Blanc and Denali.

You can play Steep by yourself or compete online and with friends. Here’s a quick tip from us though, turn off trick safety! This restraint your freedom to do tricks since it limits the height at which you can perform them. It ultimately just makes the control feels odd and clunky.

Steep is free on Ubisoft’s launcher from today, May 16, until next week – May 21, 2019. Download the launcher and get the game here.

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