NA LCS Summer Split Week 1 Rundown

by Sammy Chan
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A Wild Week One!

Week one of NA LCS Summer Split comes to an end and here’s how your favorite teams performed:

Image via LoL Esports

Now, looking at the results in week one, it can’t be said that anyone could have foreseen this. Not even the analysts, who put together a power ranking for this split, could have predicted this.
Especially Echo Fox which all three analysts have predicted to be a bottom feeder this split, ranking at 10th/9th came out of this week 2-0. The criticism centers around Echo Fox canceling scrims with other teams. This was announced in a tweet by Cloud9’s co-founder and CEO, Jack Etienne. Now the team will only scrim against their sister challenger team, Delta Fox.

Later the roster of the challenger team was revealed and suddenly, everything clicked into place. The team is comprised of veteran LCS players all pulled out of retirement:

  • Dyrus
  • scarra
  • Imaqtpie
  • Voyboy
  • Shiphtur

If this is the standard Echo Fox regularly scrims against, it’s no wonder they stepped up their game.

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Another interesting result is finding Cloud9 at the bottom, on a four game losing streak at the end of the week. For a team placed 2nd in the power rankings, C9 sure didn’t perform like it. With the absence of Impact from the top lane, substituted by Ray instead. They did not seem to be rotating the map with the same confidence they showed back in early Spring split.

Image via LoL Eports

The criticism now falls heavily on Ray, the only variable player on the team. Though, as a substitute, Ray’s place on C9 is just as secured as Impact’s. However, fans are angrily demanding the return of Impact. Based on past games, it seems Ray’s play style is heavily influenced by solo queue performances.
His champion pool differs heavily from Impact’s, leaning more toward bruisers and split pushers such as Kled and Jarvan. The early game in top is vital to secure the early advantages for teams. If Ray doesn’t learn to work cohesively with the rest of the team, it is doubtful there will be any improvements on the side of Cloud9.
Of course, he is not all to blame. As a relatively new member compared to Impact, it is to be expected that Ray would have communication issues with the rest of the team. Thus, inhibiting the team’s performance. Hopefully, after a little time to rest and reset, we’ll see C9 bounce back from their losing streak.

Image via YouTube

Perhaps, the greatest upset of this week is Immortals’ 2-0 win over Team Solo Mid. Ranked around 7th place in the league against a team ranked at the top by analysts based on their performances in Spring Split, IMT sure didn’t play like a 7th place team in their games against TSM.
It’s obvious with the resemblance of IMT’s team plays with that of LCK’s teams that some of the credit goes to their new head coach, SSONG. Under his guidance, IMT has seen tremendous improvements in their team cohesion as well as adaptability to the meta.
Week one concludes and the meta has already turned the league on its head. How will the teams reset for the coming weekend? Only one way to find out. Be sure to catch the livestreams on the LoL Esports youtube channel.

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