Ready check: Stormblood

by Sammy Chan
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All aboard the launch train!

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The release of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood on June 20th is fast approaching, even faster is early access on the 15th. The big question; are you ready for the second expansion? Here are a few tips new players and returning players.

Tomes and Seal

As it always is when it comes to preparing for an expansion, max out your Poetic, Lore and Scripture tomestones before the patch hits. Make purchases and hoard anything you could possibly hoard right now and remember to get a Striking Ironwork set for Samurai and Casting Ironwork set for Red Mage if you intend to play these new classes at launch. Don’t forget about your Grand Company Seals, max those out. Materials will be expensive at launch and crafters will be rushing to hit Lv. 70 so it is a good chance to make some Gil.

Be ready

After finishing the main story, a lot of people look to Palace of the Dead for fast leveling. While PotD is a way to quickly level the jobs you plan to have ready for Stormblood, do remember to take the jobs into differing content as PotD itself isn’t a viable environment for really getting acquainted with your job/role. Read the tooltips. Practice rotations. If you need a little more help, check an online guide to your new job. You don’t want to be that person getting kicked from duty finder because you can’t keep up during the expansion launch rush.

Buffs and beyond

With only a few days left to Stormblood it is recommended for veteran players to stop doing any leveling to accumulate resting EXP, this will give you a good boost in leveling at launch. To further boost your EXP gain, join a Free Company if you’re not already in one and take advantage of the EXP bonuses. If you’re already a member of a Free Company, help your leader out in the company workshop and work on stocking up on buffs.

Land and Hand

If you’re into crafting and gathering, use Leves to get a headstart at launch. Pick up 2 Leves for each of the 8 crafting classes and craft the required high quality crafts then turn them in the moment the server goes live. Sadly you cannot do the same with Fieldcraft Leves as they are timed. As for gatherer, stock up on high level materials and pray they’re in demand when the expansion hits.
New contents are awesome but don’t forget to look after yourself. Remember to eat, sleep and take a piss!

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