Steam Direct to replace Steam Greenlight

by Sammy Chan
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Steam announced in a blog post recently about the finalization of it’s new replacement for Steam Greenlight in an attempt to promote their self-publishing system for their newer game developers. Steam Direct aims to assist new developers in publishing their games, with a small fee of $100.
Back in February when Steam Direct was first announced, Valve was unsure of the amount to charge new developers hoping to publish their games on Steam Direct, with the price ranging from $100 to $5000, with both ends having their own reasonable arguments. Valve was hovering around the $500 mark, but after the community heavily questioned the prices, Valve had to rethink their price point.

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Finally, Valve agreed on the $100 fee per game. The main reason being that they didn’t want to have a huge hurdle to developers as far as publishing is concerned. The fee will also dissuade people from looking to abuse their publishing system.

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Steam is also hoping to implement a new algorithm where it involves better game sifting to allow for a better Store experience, as well as visits in specific places to ensure that the Steam Store algorithm is working as intended.
All in all, Steam Direct is a new concept that will need some time to make sure all it’s bugs are flattened. With the new and affordable publishing fee, game developers can easily publish their games for the community. A new and improved Store algorithm ensures interesting games that are of relevance will appear to the right people, which should hopefully include more visits to make sure it’s working as intended. Steam hopes to conclude Greenlight in their next blog post with the release timing for Steam Direct.

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