Mystic Messenger: Another Story Day Two Guide

by Sammy Chan

Mystic Messenger is back with a new set of storyline to completely ruin your sleeping schedule! To unlock Another Story, you’ll need 550 Hourglasses. Pick [V] answers, if you’re trying to get V’s Route. Pick [Ray] answers for Ray’s Route. Avoid picking [-1] answers, those are “Heartbreaks”. The options without any brackets are neutral answers. Anyways, let’s get started on this Mystic Messenger: Another Story Day Two Guide and get you that romancing route.
Note(s): It is recommended to finish Secret Endings before playing Another Story.
Day One
Day Three
Day Four


01:19 Expectation and Uneasiness (Yoosung Jaehee)

  • He said he’ll be back soon. You could ask him then, can’t you? [V]
  • He’s the king of irresponsibility. [Ray]
  • I’m sure he’s inside the phone. Lol


  • Welcome, Jaehee.
  • Aren’t you going to sleep, Jaehee?


  • Do you have a hidden background story with you? You know, you’re actually the CEO’s daughter… [Ray]
  • Wow, you must be super-competent, Jaehee.


  • So he must have seen potential in you, Jaehee [Jaehee]
  • That’s a true businessman there. He makes future rather than present his priority! [Jumin]
  • Does that mean that you shouldn’t chit-chat but just work?


  • How do V’s photos feel like? [V]
  • A rich man and a celebrity…? They sound so otherworldly to me.


  • He said that he’ll drop by more often. I’m sure he will. [V]
  • How does this association work without V? [Ray]
  • You mean you can’t log in from abroad?


  • I wish I could discuss a lot about parties and the RFA. [Ray]
  • That’s right! Please trust me! I’m here to have parties with the RFA!


  • Isn’t that a sensitive matter to V as well? [V]
  • Why don’t you investigate on that on your own? I want to know what happened too. [Ray]


  • Their friendship is so cool… [V] + [Jumin]
  • That can’t get any more suspicious. Do you know by any chance just what those two shared? [Ray]


  • Did I do something?
  • What about me? I like hearing about the RFA.


  • You’re mean… I didn’t do anything wrong. [Ray]
  • Hmm… It does sound like you have a good situation to be wary of me. [V]


  • You must feel so complicated. I doubt you can sleep.
  • Yoosung, you tend to lose your temper whenever V is related…


  • I agree. I doubt you can gain anything from suspecting each other. [V]
  • But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be suspicious at all. [Ray]


  • Yoosung must have been really fond of Rika. [V]
  • You must be a grand master in handling Yoosung. [Jaehee]


  • Don’t you suspect V, Jaehee?
  • I’m afraid that Yoosung’s sorrow will turn into misunderstanding on V. [V]


  • Did that ever happen to you too, Jaehee?
  • But you can’t tell people to do something about their sorrow, can you…?


  • Are you going to bed now?
  • I should go sleep too.

Story Mode V

(Incoming Call from Yoosung)
(Outgoing Call Zen Yoosung V Ray)

02:44 Night of Reminiscence (Jumin V)

  • Good evening, Jumin.
  • What are you up to at this hour?


  • So you’re saying that I’m currently holding information superiority. [Ray]
  • But I hardly gained any information here.


  • What’s so bad about questioning? [Ray]
  • I think you’d trust V in whatever situation, Jumin. [V]


  • If I don’t look like an extraordinary person, who do you think I am?
  • Oooh busted. I actually came from another dimension. [Ray Bad]


  • That’s the spell for teleporting, not shapeshifting.
  • Where is my Prince Charming waiting for me – ?
  • What’s that supposed to mean…?


  • Cheer up, Jaehee… [Jaehee]
  • That’s one elegant sense of humor you have, Jumin. [Jumin]


  • Is that what you think? You’re cute, Jumin lololol
  • Just where did you get that book…?


  • You mean a chat about dark magic?
  • I vote for a chat on RFA! [Ray]


  • Was that spell…for summoning V instead of shapeshifting, by any chance…?
  • What? V alert!


  • You’re drunk, Jumin…
  • What brings you here at this hour, V?


  • You two know each other so well…
  • Aww – I wish I could get a glass of wine too!


  • Do you have a drunken habit, V? [V]
  • But I’m guessing that you managed to get back home safe.


  • Perhaps he’s sleeping while chatting.
  • I think he’s fallen asleep.


  • You can actually see that? That must be because you’re his friend.
  • Don’t you think your memories are too detailed, Jumin…?


  • I-know-no-such-thing-as-sloppiness boy lolololol [Jumin]
  • What was V like when he was young? [V]

(Jumin CG)

  • So you two first met when you two were really young.
  • Wow, you two look just like you do now.


  • You asked him to be your friend…? You were cute when you were young, V. lolol
  • So what did you tell him, Jumin?


  • It feels like I’m having a casual chat… How do you know if he’s drunk?
  • So this is Jumin’s drunken habit.


  • I think both of you should go to bed.
    • What’s that matter?
  • You have to work tomorrow, but you’re not sleeping yet…?


  • I heard bean sprout is good in getting rid of hangovers!
  • Good night, Jumin!


  • You two share a whole lot memories.
  • Were your families close too?


  • It looks like Jumin trust you a lot.
  • But it’s okay to depend on your friends.


  • Could you protect me too?
  • Do you think there really is something you can do in this situation? [Ray]


  • I’m going to bed now too.
  • I don’t feel like sleeping yet. I’ll hang around for a bit and then go to sleep.

(Incoming Call from Jumin)
(Outgoing Call Jumin Zen)

07:50 Unexpected Visit (V!Ray)

  • I see you’ve logged in early, V.
  • V? Something’s weird about the chat room.
  • Uh…are you Ray by any chance?


  • What? Stupid?
  • Kind of… But I’m sure we’ll be able to hold parties somehow. [Ray]
  • They keep suspecting me all the time. This is tiring and frustrating.


  • Something’s not right… Are you really V? [V]
  • I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m curious what you’ve got more to say. So let’s continue.


  • You really scared me! …That was you, Ray?
  • I already knew who you are.


  • I slept very well. I think I like my new room. Did you have a good rest last night? [Ray]
  • The game was so fun, so I just couldn’t take my eyes off.

(Unknown CG)

  • Thank you, Ray. You’re so good at cooking! [Ray]
  • I feel a little like a livestock being raised…


  • I really like the characters. Especially the guy called V! [V]
  • I’m so excited! I think I’ll have much more fun discovering all the secrets! [Ray]
  • I’m not sure…


  • They’re really AIs…right? They feel so real.
  • This game is complicated…


  • I think you’re really warm hearted man, Ray. [Ray]
  • How much longer do I have to play this game?
    • I want to go home fast.
    • Yes, I want to see character endings.


  • Who is that?
  • It’s not V, is it? [V]


  • I’ll be waiting.
  • I’m starving. Hurry up.

Story Mode 707

(Outgoing Call Zen 707 Yoosung)

09:37 The Act of Hacking God (707 Jaehee)

  • Uh-huh, and it looks like your mind’s been wiped clean too. [707]
  • No hogging, please


  • Hit Seoul Hit Daejeon Hit Daegu Hit Busan Hit It! [Jumin]
  • Do you have that book titled Unknown Dark Magic or whatever?


  • Can you give me a recommendation on real estate?
  • That’s my username.


  • Welcome, Jaehee.
  • I wonder what they keep in the Vatican’s server.


  • I’m pope’s fan too! Can you share them with me? [707]
  • Way to go, Jaehee! Hit him harder! [Jaehee]


  • Thank god it wasn’t the messenger server. [Jaehee]
  • So you sure the messenger server is absolutely safe?


  • Business, personal, and backup? You do know a thing or two, Seven. [707]
    • What difference is there between business server and propagation server?;;
  • Can you tell me what kind of files you had in there?


  • Give me a kitty picture, and I’ll keep my mouth shut.
  • Can I get a copy of his pic? [Jumin]
  • You have your old pictures?!!?!? [707]


  • Time to call the police. [Jaehee]
  • You’re a genius. [707]


  • Please don’t be so mean to him. I’m sure he’ll do his best. [707]
  • But first, you should get the servers back. [Jaehee]


  • Oh? Did you find anything about me?
  • Do I get to hear my own characterization now?


  • I wanna know too. Is it this hacker or someone else…?
  • That hacker goes by the name of the developer… [Ray Bad]


  • Good luck on recovering servers!
  • byebyebye


  • I hope nothing bad happens. [Jaehee]
  • Is it because of me? [V]


  • V looks like a very responsible man. [V]
  • I think everyone’s being too gracious with V. Is he really worth such a high evaluation? [Ray]
  • I think that’s because he’s fallen for me ^^


  • If he does recover them, I hope he can share them in commemoration of his success… [Jumin]
  • I don’t think his pictures are the only things in there. There could be someone else’s pictures… like Zen’s, for example. [Zen]
  • But what really matters to you is your research about me, isn’t it?


  • Are there really vampires in Romania?
  • Jumin told you to get a book out of print…? That’s ridiculous.


  • Be careful! It could be fraud!
  • Goodbye, Jaehee!

(Incoming Call from 707)
(Outgoing Call Jaehee Ray)

12:00 Lots I Want To Do Together (Ray)

  • The user is here
  • Perfect timing. I was about to report a bug. [Ray]
  • Is this a maintenance time?


  • What’s the development room?
  • Can I drop by for a bit?
  • Did you have lunch, Ray? [Ray]
    • You should have your meal, then.
    • If you didn’t eat, then I don’t want to eat, either.


  • You must be really talented. [Ray]
  • It’s okay. I like your game.

(Unknown CG)

  • That sounds great!
  • Can I go out now?


  • No, I like you more than those AIs. [Ray]
  • Actually….you did. Kind of. [Ray -1]


  • I’m not bored. I get to talk to you like this from time to time. [Ray]
  • It did get kind of boring…


  • But that sounded quite convincing for a rubbish. [V]
  • Why is this game so full of bugs?


  • Of course. You’re much more amazing than him. [Ray]
  • I thought you were their creator. Do you have to have them that much?
  • But they sounded right…


  • A meeting?
  • Important guest?


  • Good luck on your work Ray!
  • Goodbye.

Story Mode V

(Incoming Call from Jaehee)
(Outgoing Call Jumin Zen)

13:57 V’s Decision (V)

  • Hello, V.
  • What?! It’s V!


  • You made a choice. [V]
  • That took long. What’s the hold-up? [Ray]


  • That’s what I’ve been telling you from the beginning.
  • So does that mean the others won’t suspect me anymore?
  • Don’t tell me I’ve been stuck on the tutorial all this time… [Ray Bad]


  • You seem to have a reason why you trust me.
  • You know that the other members won’t be happy, but you’re going to hold parties? [Ray]


  • So we’ll be holding a small-scaled party. [V]
  • I hope you’d let me know asap.


  • Sure. You look like a responsible person. [V]
  • I’ll decide on that eventually. [Ray]


  • I’m so excited to find out what party guests they’ll recommend for me. [V]
  • Can’t I recommend guests too?


  • I’d like to know more about you too. [V]
  • Can I call you in the middle of the night?


  • I wish you could at least give me recommendations. [Ray]
  • Please log in more often from now on. [V]


  • I hope we can talk some more next time. [V]
  • Goodbye.

Story Mode V

(V CG)
(Outgoing Call 707)

15:24 Recommendation of Trust (Jumin Yoosung)

  • Welcome, Jumin!
  • hey hey CEO-in-line
  • Jumin, have you read what V said?


  • Really? What is it? I’m all ears! [Jumin]
  • I have a bad feeling about this…


  • Jaehee ordered them for you…? No wonder she’s always buried in work. [Jaehee]
  • There’s C&R right there – the No. 1 corporate of Korea!

(Jumin CG)

  • But Jaehee is the one who looks all over for them. [Jaehee]
  • You collect antique books? That’s an elegant hobby. [Jumin]


  • Sounds great! We’ll get to hear the secret behind his long life. [@vampire]
  • I think you’re threatening the other guests’ throats. I decline.


  • Welcome, Yoosung.
  • Thou who art deeper than even blood, Thou who art darker than even darkness…


  • Really? What kind of gifts?
  • Jumin, you don’t actually trust them, do you?


  • What matters isn’t the background. It’s the person itself.
  • That’s so right. I can’t deny it…


  • V looks like a trustworthy person. I trust him. [V] + [Jumin]
  • He feels like a dictator or something. Kind of. [Yoosung] + [Ray]


  • Recommendations, please!
  • Sure. But could you make it quick? I wanna see the ending.


  • There’s also crane – the symbol of long life!
  • They can take the cab.


  • He’s right. I like seeing you bright. [Yoosung]
  • You can find a guest that can match a vampire!


  • Jumin, the epitome of trust.
  • You two didn’t make a deal or some sort, did you?


  • Yoosung is a grown-up too. He’ll take care of himself.
  • Why don’t you trying reading like Jumin? Try focusing on your books.


  • Just follow what your heart tells you, Yoosung. There’s more option than simply losing control of your thoughts. [Yoosung]
  • Why don’t you try trusting V too?


  • I think it’s good to direct your thoughts somewhere else!
  • You should just go to bed.
  • What about studying?


  • Clear your head and come back!
  • Gooodbye bye

Story Mode Yoosung

(Outgoing Call Jaehee V)

18:26 The Universe and the Sun (707 V)

  • Hell-o Seven! [707]
  • Hello.


  • Is there actually such a creation?
  • Too bad. I wanted to werewolf too.
    • Aren’t werewolves usually humans?
  • Ugh I doubt that werewolf is an ordinary person


  • I’ll invite it beep! [@pluto]
  • Pluto? I don’t think that’s…


  • What is it, Seven? Is there something bothering you? [707]
  • At last!


  • Try me.
  • You can try screaming into your blanket.

(Common CG)

  • Here he is! My secret buddy! [V]
  • What’s that photo?


  • Can’t expect anything else from Jumin’s friend… [V] + [Jumin]
  • Can I get your autograph?
    • I didn’t know you sell your autographs.
    • I’m curious for how much your autograph was sold.


  • Let’s just be honest with space. [V]
  • Don’t be so mean to him! [707]


  • That halo definitely comes from your face… [V]
  • I can see a crevasse of difference between you and Seven, V. Seven is basically a slave for money…


  • Doesn’t matter if you’re already a Catholic. I raise your name up high! [707]
  • Holy V


  • Can you count me in?
  • Are you going to discuss secrets again?


  • I think that will be even harder on you… [V]
  • Those left behind should carry on.


  • Yes, it is. I understand why Seven’s concerned. [707]
  • But if that’s our current situation, we should work together and prepare for the party. [V]


  • He’s gone.
  • Don’t you think he ran away?


  • Does V like the sun? [V]
  • The picture that was uploaded also had the sun blazing.


  • Maybe the sun holds a special meaning for him. [V]
  • Because light is crucial when taking pictures?


  • I wanna see my Zen T [Zen]
  • Maybe he’s sick…?
  • Isn’t he busy?


  • You’re such a good boy, Seven [707]
    • Of course!
    • I don’t think so
  • Go and call him now.


Story Mode V

(V CG)
(Incoming Call from Ray)
(Outgoing Call Jumin Yoosung)


20:13 Party at Saturn? (Jaehee Jumin Zen)


  • Good evening, Jumin. [Jumin]
  • Hello, Jaehee! [Jaehee]


  • Neither have I.
  • But it’s just a day. He’ll be fine.


  • He won’t hang up? I thought he would’ve put you on the call denial list.
  • You two much be quite close!


  • Pluto will feel lonely by itself. So I’d like to invite Neptune and Uranus too.
  • We’re not holding our party at Jupiter, are we?


  • I understand. I don’t wanna do anything once I get home. [Jaehee]
  • When it comes to recommendations, you don’t have to force her for one…


  • I think it’d be one exciting party!
  • Please don’t worry. I can take care of it.


  • That’s a person’s name, right?
  • You mean… the dish itself?


  • Sounds delicious…I mean, sounds good! [Jumin] + [@udon]
  • How can we have udon as our guest? That wasn’t funny, Jumin…


  • Some superior officer? Who could it be?
  • Are V’s photos that high in quality? [V]

(Jaehee CG)

  • Wow! I’ve never seen your selfie! [Jaehee]
  • You look tired…


  • Cheer up, Jaehee…! [Jaehee]
  • Good luck, Jumin! [Jumin]


  • So you’re saying that your cat jumped. [Jaehee]
  • Really? I wanna see too! [Jumin]


  • I wanna see too! I wanna see her beautiful jump! [Jumin]
  • You’re actually capable of turning your head by 52 degrees…?

(Common CG)

  • Oh my… She’s so cute!
  • ???


  • Good night, Jumin!
  • Can I have more pictures of Elizabeth the 3rd? [Jumin]
  • Jaehee… [Jaehee]


  • I’d like to know what mysteries are there about him.
  • Maybe… He’s an android?


  • You can watch Zen’s DVD. [Jaehee] + [Zen]
  • You could check all the important events scheduled and go to bed.


  • What took you so long, Mr. Gorgeous? [Zen]
  • Huh? Zen!


  • So did you de-stress at the spa?
  • If you were planning to be gone for the whole day, you should have told us in advance!

(Zen CG)

  • I thought those flowers bloomed from your face. [Zen]
  • You basically had a hibernation lolol


  • I’m sure you’ll be a musical star! [Zen]
  • Zen, do you know that we’re having a party?


  • We can talk more tomorrow! [Zen]
  • You just had to hibernate today, huh?


  • I wonder what kind of recommendations I’ll get.
  • I thought you had something important scheduled tomorrow.


  • Do let me know what you think of the new DVD. [Jaehee]
  • Goodbye, Jaehee!


  • Your looks will bring better things to you! [Zen]
  • Being handsome can be a problem sometimes…


  • Let’s have a nice party!
    • Me too! I’m so excited!
  • It was so boring without you.

(Incoming Call from Zen)
(Outgoing Call Ray)


22:38 Congrats (Ray)

  • I was sightseeing in the other room. I thought I could take a break.
  • I don’t think you have to know where I go.


  • They’re beautiful. Thank you so much, Ray. [Ray]
  • Thanks, but I don’t like flowers…


  • I think those AIs are not very suspicious of me now. I think this will get even better! [Ray]
  • You mean I’m just getting started? When will I ever see the ending?


  • I too wish you were my partner. [Ray]
  • I wish you would focus on developing the game, developer.
  • I’m not yours.


  • I can see how happy you are. [Ray]
  • I am hearing that often. It’s getting boring.
  • If you’re so glad, why not materialize it than speak it?


  • I prefer my home.
  • I want to stay here.


  • Yeah, I can’t stop caring about V. [V]
  • I wanna be close to you, Ray. [Ray]
  • Ok, but only until the party is held.


  • I’m counting on you. Please take care of it fast. [Ray]
  • … This isn’t some sort of illegal pyramid scheme, is it?


  • We didn’t chat much… You’re leaving already? [Ray]
  • You should go now and look after the server.

(Incoming Call from V)
(Outgoing Call Jaehee V 707)

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