Mystic Messenger: Another Story Day Three Guide

by Sammy Chan

Mystic Messenger is back with a new set of storyline to completely ruin your sleeping schedule! To unlock Another Story, you’ll need 550 Hourglasses. Pick [V] answers, if you’re trying to get V’s Route. Pick [Ray] answers for Ray’s Route. Avoid picking [-1] answers, those are “Heartbreaks”. The options without any brackets are neutral answers. Anyways, let’s get started on this Mystic Messenger: Another Story Day Three Guide and get you that romancing route.
Note(s): It is recommended to finish Secret Endings before playing Another Story.
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00:31 Under the Shimmering Moonlight (Zen V)


  • I was waiting to meet you, Zen [Zen]
  • I wanted to chill out more and then go to sleep.


  • The beautiful are sleepy heads…? [Zen]
  • I think your biorhythm will break living like that.


  • Wow, you’re even humble! Such perfection! [Zen]
  • I actually want to see V’s photos! [V]
  • God, finally we’ll have some peace and silence.


  • Zen, riding your bike under the moonlight… [Zen]
  • Are you in a motorcycle gang?
  • I wonder how Jumin will look riding the bike!


  • Share with me some photos of your driver’s license, if you have some.
  • That’s the thing, you can never find your driver’s license when needed.

(Zen CG)

  • Both are so perfect. How am I to choose!? [Zen]
  • It’s the same thing. Just do it.
  • Wow! It’s you when you were younger!


  • I want to chat with everyone together. [V]
  • You’re here to see me!!


  • Aren’t motorcycles dangerous?
  • Zen, you had an accident?


  • You feel free as a bird when you ride with the wind. [Zen]
  • What if something dangerous happens to you? [V]
  • When you’re feeling frustrated and all, playing games are the best! 0% accidents!


  • How exactly did the crash occur?
  • Tell me what happened back then.


  • It would have been serious if V didn’t follow you. [V]
  • V, you’re quite persistent.


  • V, you should take photos of me someday as well! [V]
  • Trying to deny it by myself is too hard. I need some help here.


  • Flowers? V, were you Zen’s fan? [V]
  • Zen, what were you like back in the days?


  • Life is about rebounding back when you were considering quitting lol
  • You still look promising.
  • Maybe you’re in a slump?


  • Do something that brightens your mood!
  • I lie low for a while.
  • Forget about everything and let time pass by.


  • You seem to be coming in at late hours… Are you okay? [V]
  • V, do you normally clock in such late hours?


  • Zen, I hope you get to shoot a beer commercial. [Zen]
  • Have you ever heard of alcohol-related dementia?
  • V, you go well with wine!


  • Don’t drink too much! [V]
  • Good bye!


  • I’m like that as well. [V]
  • You have a lot to worry about.


  • I think I should get going now.
  • I’m going to stay up late.


Story Mode Zen

(Incoming Call from Zen)
(Outgoing Call Zen Ray)


02:46 Paradox of the Survival of the Fittest (Ray)


  • I was testing the game you gave me. [Ray]
  • Ray, why aren’t you sleeping?
    • We connected as I wanted to see you as well! [Ray]
    • You seem to have a lot of work to do.


  • If you have something to say, come over yourself.
  • There’s the modern convenience called the phone.

(Unknown CG)

  • Then it’ll bloom twice as much flowers!
  • Wonder why it grew in two stalks.


  • Wouldn’t it be because only one had sunlight and the other had none?
  • I feel sad for the weaker stalk…
  • It could be that one of it is like an extra giveaway since it grew into two from one stalk. [Ray -1]


  • I want to save the weaker stalk somehow. [Ray]
  • There’s nothing you can do, it’s nature’s way of survival of the fittest.


  • Rescue both.
  • You’re right. The weaker stalk was the one that sacrificed! [Ray]
  • But for flowers to blossom, the weaker one should be stripped.
  • Throw it out and buy a new pot.


  • It’ll be a flower gained from the other’s sacrifice…
  • Wow…I’ll look forward to it, Ray!


  • It was fun. With hidden morals and all… [Ray]
  • Yawn. I think the game you made is more interesting.


  • Ray, when are you going to sleep?
  • Are you going back to work?

(Incoming Call from Ray)
(Outgoing Call 707)


07:00 Take Care of Your Health (707 Jumin Jaehee)


  • Change your glasses into sunglasses lol
  • Why don’t you lower the brightness?


  • I’ll get ready to write it down! [707]
  • Huh. The name’s even suspicious for a start.


  • Can I taste it?
  • Isn’t that just a bunch of powders and not a drink?


  • It’s not like the stakes are some kinds of market free-giveaways…
  • Reports to police right now☆


  • A match of outstanding product quality!! [707]
  • Send in an ingredients review document as well.


  • Seems you have an innocent spot in you, Jumin. [Jumin]
  • You don’t even know the prices at convenience stores? You must be joking!


  • Throwing it out down the drain… of something you made with great difficulty… T_T [707]
  • You’re suddenly acting a bit pathetic. [Jumin]


  • Catching your breath is important as well. [707]
  • In other words, you’re distracted.


  • You’re nodding to that?;;;;;
  • Tell me more of this cleaning fairy.


  • Awesome! Why don’t we learn its secret cleaning methods at the party? [@cleaningfairy]
  • Cleaning fairy sounds too suspicious…


  • Jaehee, good morning!
  • Huh; It’s Jaehee;;


  • Too bad, you were this close to being successful in your fabrication. [707]
  • You are very persistent.


  • Jaehee, good luck today! [Jaehee]
  • You just came in. Are you already leaving?


  • You really have only two friends? [707]
  • Isn’t it enough to have one friend like V? [V] + [Jumin]


  • 1011011…… [707]
  • Can someone translate what Seven’s saying? [Jumin]


  • I thought it was funny lol
  • It wasn’t too far. It was way way too far.


  • Don’t forget to bring Sevenstar Drink Version 2 when you come back!
  • Stop getting distracted and get to work.

(Incoming Call from Jaehee)
(Outgoing Call V)


09:13 Back in the Days (Zen Jaehee)


  • A morning meeting of beautiful people? lol [Zen]
  • Did you get your license renewed?
  • Cat cafe
  • Jumin’s company?


  • I’m ready to hit Save. Please show it to me!!!! [Zen]
  • I’m actually tired of seeing it since I’ve seen it numerous times.


  • When did you debut?
  • Oh! I suppose the roads were familiar to you


  • Ooh, celebrity! [Zen]
  • And the story goes that it was your girlfriend.
  • You must be happy.


  • It must have been worthwhile! [Zen]
  • What photo did V debut with? [V]


  • Yeah. I think it’s harsh to compare appearances with you, Zen! [Zen]
  • Zen, I invite you to the room of mirrors.
  • Oh, um, yeah. Let’s put it like that.


  • I wanna be – most very best –
  • The one with Pickachoo!?


  • Great! I’ll catch Backpack Monsters by inviting him to the party. [@bpmonster]
  • I will decline as Ninpendo might get us because of copyright infringements.

(Zen CG)

  • Oh…sweet jesus..! [Zen]
  • My eyes are screaming out with joy!
  • Wow lol


  • Jaehee, our professional Zen-critic, can you please explain to us what kind of performance it was? [Jaehee]
  • Welcome!


  • And like this, the number of photos in my folder increase one by one… [Jaehee]
  • I want to see that performance


  • Jaehee, your Zen-intelligence is really awesome. [Jaehee]
  • AI role….? It must have been easy for an AI to play an AI role. [Ray Bad]


  • Jaehee, have a glass of cold coffee right now before you run wild. [Jaehee]
  • Truth is, I think I prefer V than Zen. [V]
  • Skin conditions are always better when you’re young…


  • I want to know whom he’s having the meeting with
  • It’s a meeting with V’s acquaintance, right? [V]


  • V’s dad… I wonder what kind of a person he is.
  • It’s my father-in-law ^^


  • Silver spoon family class…
  • He would have received some hardcore education.


  • I like V’s humble attitude. [V]
  • They have few things in common, but they’re also different


  • I think they pair well together ^^ [V]
  • A virtual world of their own…
  • I think their relationship is… too glorified.


  • Enjoy your meal
  • You do know that beer isn’t part of brunch, right?


  • Does V know about this? [V]
  • Are you worried?


  • It kind of bothers me that there’s a secret V keeps even from his friend. [Ray]
  • I want to be friends with V too. [V]
  • You have one… called being a fan-girl. It’s your boyfriend and friend. [V]


  • Jaehee, have a great day today! [Jaehee]
  • Bye

(Outgoing Call Jaehee)

12:22 My Best Friend (Ray)


  • I did
  • Not yet.


  • Of course! Friends are really dear.
  • No… Humans betray someday.


  • You’re friends with flowers ^^ [Ray]
  • Aren’t you working indoors all the time?


  • What’s the flower language of daffodils?
  • What’s the flower language of blue roses?
  • Lisianthus
  • I like lily-of-the-valley!


  • You can! Though more time would be needed. [Ray]
  • Um… I think I feel more close with the friends inside the game. [V]


  • I’m jealous… [Ray]
  • Who is it?


  • I don’t think you’re obsessed with me. I’m just glad that you seem to care for me a lot! [Ray]
  • Um, I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it…
  • I don’t feel it at all… I wish you’d be obsessed with me a bit more…


  • Who is this person?
  • Then Ray, are you working for this person?


  • I want to be with you…! My mind will not change. [Ray]
  • When the party is held… I think I would want to leave here.


  • I want to see you today, Ray! [Ray]
  • Bye!


Story Mode Jumin

(Jumin CG)
(Outgoing Call Yoosung Zen)

14:09 Small Cute Adorable (707 Jaehee)


  • Oh, Savior of Justice!! Has a villain appeared?
  • Is something wrong?
  • Everyday is a crossroad lol


  • What’s your real job?
  • You’re a person receiving a salary.

(707 CG)

  • What a dangerous mission… I wonder if you can return safely…? [707]
  • I secured your portrait of the deceased. Thanks.


  • I understand her. She must’ve been surprised to learn that your mission is a dangerous one…
  • Condolences to Jaehee’s eyes… [Jaehee]


  • I think I’m already used to it now-^^ Hahaha.
  • I pray for your successful mission.
  • Will a nude photo be next?


  • Do I need to feed the fairy with compliments? [707]
  • I am curious of the next theme.
  • Such delicate plot… This messenger is truly awesome. [Ray Bad]


  • 3 days…?
  • Is 3 days enough? Won’t you need a week?


  • Got it.
  • … Let me hear it out first.


  • I was about to recommend the first one!! [707]
  • Jaehee…. you want to get out of this fast, right? [Jaehee]
  • Oh! Compliment from the bottom of Jaehee’s heart!


  • Cars are dreams! Don’t sell it!
  • Seven! Sell your car to me!


  • Since it’s largely influencing the national economy… I think it’ll be larger than what we imagine…
  • Maybe it’s duty-free business? lol


  • It’s inevitable because of its size difference.
  • Okay… Goodbye.


  • What is it…?


  • I pay a decent amount earnestly. Thought not as much as Jumin…
  • I’m a person with a fragile wallet that gets billed with withholding tax.
  • Not really.


  • Wouldn’t V’s mother’s hair color have been mint?
  • V might have colored his hair…TT
  • The father might have dyed his hair…


  • I wish a dragon would come to the party… [707]
  • You’re the son of a dragon? Whatever… [Jaehee]


  • Let’s make an equal world for everyone together! [707]
  • Wouldn’t it be better if we invite those who can actually attend the party? [Jaehee]


  • Whoa…
  • lololol
  • It looks like a strong name.


  • Okay! Let’s invite it! [@darkdragon]
  • It’s not the right time to unveil the sealing of the dragon Smug, so I therefore decline.


  • Can the party be really held properly? T_T [Jaehee]
  • Wow


  • So this person has nothing to do with the pilot you first mentioned!
  • You’ve put your effort in trying to find the most ordinary person!
  • How is that person related to you, Jaehee?;;


  • We cannot decline someone like that! [Jaehee] + [@normal]
  • We’re already too ordinary, and I don’t think we need to invite this person! [707]


  • Whoa…are you going to fall now?
  • What are you talking about? I’m sure you’re not really flying through the sky…


  • I want to try that!
  • Sounds dangerous…


  • A genius! [707]
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to trust all of Seven’s words. I mean, we’ve seen him playing tricks a lot… [Jaehee]
  • I’d expect nothing less from someone V has appointed in charge of security. [V]


  • The party might become more interesting! [Jumin]
  • Didn’t he invite the vampire and udon…..? [Jaehee]


  • I’m worried that V might become baffled with all this. [V]
  • No way- They both don’t look like bad people.
  • You don’t think V told those two to recommend only the weird guests to pretend to be holding a party, do you? [Ray]


  • I should pick up and finish up the work I was doing
  • I’ll start my grand afternoon…!
  • To rest during the evening, I must continuously work.

(Incoming Call from 707)
(Outgoing Call Jumin 707 Ray)

16:32 Precious friend (V Jumin)


  • V! Hi!
  • Hello.


  • I think it’ll be fun!
  • Do you think the members were serious with their recommendations?


  • Jumin, welcome.
  • Two friends gathered in a chatroom ^^


  • Did you exchange any secrets? [Ray]
  • What kind of person is V’s father? I wonder what his impression is like.
  • Rich people helping each other out -what a great world they live in.


  • Ah, then you two should enjoy your conversation through the phone ^^ [V]
  • Is it a humiliating secret that you can’t share with me?


  • Oh… You’ve become estranged. I’m a bit like that as well. [V]
  • V, you have a lot of secrets… What kind of secrets are you hiding from your father? [Ray]
  • Fathers are said to be close but distant as well. Especially in case of father-son relationship…!


  • It would have been better if you’ve told V before proceeding with it… [V]
  • I think it’ll be a good occasion to get together. [Jumin]
  • Can I go to that occasion? [Ray]


  • I think it’s was Jumin’s way of being considerate of you [Jumin]
  • V… You seem very uncomfortable with your father. [V]


  • You must have seen each other often since you both lived in the same neighborhood [V]
  • Do you have any stories… like secrets regarding V? [Ray]
  • Feels like your business will be a big hit! [Jumin]


  • I want to hear memories of you two ^^
  • Impressive;
  • Church…? I don’t think that type of religion can heal people. [Ray]

(V CG)

  • Cute – !! [V]
  • Who sang better?


  • So, who won?
  • I think V would have won… [V]


  • Yes… Sometimes an emotional decision can worsen the situation. [Ray]
  • Please don’t say that, V. It’s not your fault. [V]


  • It’s going to get better little by little, V. [V]
  • Don’t you think this sadness isn’t something you can overcome? [Ray]


  • V…don’t fall into too much despair, and try to cheer up! [V]
  • Bye.


  • Though he looks very cool on the outside… I think he’s having a hard time.
    • Is there anything I can do for V? [V]
    • He wouldn’t think me as a replacement of Rika, would he?
  • I think Rika was more unfortunate. [Ray]


  • I’m going to take a break now! Take care!
  • I’m going to think of V… Bye. [V]

(Incoming Call from Jumin)

18:24 Explosion of Emotions (Yoosung Zen)

  • Yes, I did.
  • Umm… I did see it, though I didn’t understand quite well.


  • Yoosung, you must be in pain… [Yoosung]
  • Doesn’t it feel like everyone is hiding something? [Ray]
  • Please calm down…


  • Welcome, Zen the Gorgeous –
  • Hello –


  • Yoosung is currently exploding with emotions. [Zen]
  • We were talking about Jumin. [Yoosung]


  • Aunt and uncle?
  • You should be nice to your relatives.


  • Don’t you think Rika’s family affected her in a bad way? [V]
  • Whoa… Isn’t that harsh? It was their daughter’s funeral… [Yoosung]


  • Rika was adopted?
  • There seems be a lot of drama…


  • I didn’t know since Rika had a bright image…
  • They’re a family. Didn’t they keep contact with Rika?


  • It’s not easy to trust someone with secrets.
  • I think V’s trying hard too. Why don’t you leave him alone for a bit…? [V]


  • Lololol [Yoosung]
  • I think having someone next to you would help… [Zen]


  • I don’t think that’s something… Yoosung needs. [Yoosung]
  • Yup. It is a heal-all-potion, the panacea. [Zen]


  • Don’t treat Yoosung like a child. He’s an adult.
  • Zen said that to help you… but you just shake it off…


  • Zen… It might reach him later on. [Zen]
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to enforce your method.


  • I’m glad that at least you’re acting more positively. [Zen]
  • Everyone might become more light-hearted when everyone reveals the truth! [Ray]
  • I wonder what V’s thinking… [V]


  • His way of grieving might be out of this world! [707]
  • Seven maybe has a heart made of steel?


  • If you ride the motorcycle, V will get worried. [V]
  • Riding your motorcycle? Through the wind-
  • You can ride through the wind with a VR game.


  • Zen, you’ll look gorgeous even when after sweating. [Zen]
  • I hope you’re not taking your motorcycle for a trip around your neighborhood!

Story Mode Yoosung

(Outgoing Call Jumin Jaehee V Zen)

20:11 Reason Behind the Curiosity (Ray)


  • You’re on your way here? Wow… [Ray]
  • Why does the background look different whenever you log on?


  • I was about to have dinner
  • I’m not in my room yet…
  • I was resting. Doing this and that.
    • Bzzzz! Wrong, you’ve got them all wrong!
    • You’ve got a few right ^^


  • How much do you like me? [Ray]
  • Um….don’t we need time to learn about each other?


  • I actually feel good. [Ray]
  • I feel… a tad suffocated. [Ray]


  • It was fun today as well. V turned a bit more active. [V]
  • I acted naturally, not trying to pry out secrets. The AIs felt really natural…


  • Give me a second…
  • Yes!

Story Mode Ray

  • I’ve been waiting for you! It’s great to see you.
  • Aren’t you busy?


  • You talked about a garden.
  • You said you needed caffeine.


  • I want to go to that garden fast.
  • I’m not an idiot -.


  • They’re beautiful…!
  • It’s a little chilly.


  • When will this game end?
    • I want to finish it quickly and go home.
    • No, I’d like to try it some more.
  • Just what do you do here, Ray? Why are you so busy?
  • But… Just what is this place?


  • Let’s walk for few more minutes. I want to talk to you some more.
  • Already? I don’t want to go back. I feel trapped in there…
  • I want to go back and rest!

(Outgoing Call 707 Yoosung Jumin)

21:49 Power of the Coordinator! (707 V)

  • Cleaning Fairy! Have you completed all your chores? [707]
  • Hi-ho


  • Yes- I went for a walk in the gardens. It was great. [Ray]
  • Yes, it was great talking to V and all. [V]


  • Yes!
  • I don’t know…


  • When can I receive reimbursement?
  • Heartwarming…
  • This time it’s an insurance scam?


  • I’m holding the phone right now. [707]
  • Yes ^^ [V]


  • Wow! I’m so glad!
  • What else did you find out apart from that?
  • I’m embarrassed ^^


  • Wow…!
  • You really didn’t come in very often before lol
  • And what other kinds of information did you find out?


  • Sure
  • A tad later, please.


  • Feels great that he’s looking out for me! [V]
  • I don’t know… Perhaps he’s not sincere about it. [Ray]


  • Let’s hear it out first.
  • Can I change the channel?
  • V said not to advertise. [V]


  • Yes, I’ll order one box, please…There’s someone here who needs it…
  • I want to buy one for V. [V]
  • Where did the insurance ad go?
  • Done with the advertisement?


  • Good luck with your convenience store thing! [707]
  • Bye, Mr.Advertiser.

(Incoming Call from V)
(Outgoing Call Jaehee Ray)

23:07 Another Level of Salvation (Jaehee Yoosung)

  • Jaehee, you should have some of Sevenstar Drink…! [707]
  • Hello, Jaehee! You’re up late!


  • I believe Seven will be able to avoid them without a problem. [707]
  • Troubled times, these times… [Jaehee]


  • I have a bad feeling about this…
  • Why don’t you go to a shaman? Or hire an exorcist…


  • Yes…I hope they stop before they create more victims. [V]
  • Um… Maybe it could actually save someone… That’s probably why deeply religious people look very happy. [Ray]


  • Yoosung, what have you been up to?
  • Welcome –


  • Was it effective? [Ray]
  • No… We must stop him!!! [V]


  • Are you ordering Sevenstar Drink!? [707]
  • Did you fall in to the world of gaming? [Yoosung]


  • Seems like a sign.
  • Isn’t that a virus…?


  • Sniff.. I smell something… the smell of a spaceship burning… [707]
  • Weren’t there any hidden information? [Ray]
  • Sob…


  • I’m thankful that he’s become brighter… [Jaehee]
  • Start binge-gaming from now on. [Yoosung]


  • Go back to the game. [Yoosung]
  • I believe it’s a problem you eventually have to return to and solve… [V]


  • She’s right!
  • Sounds like good words, but it’s always better to do an adequate amount of good deed.


  • I can see how dangerous it is just by hearing it [V]
  • It may be happiness to those that want to be saved by force… [Ray]


  • Why don’t we, the RFA, inherit and continue that!? [Yoosung]
  • Yes… But we won’t be able to do as much as before. [Ray]
  • It might not be fancy like salvation, but I will do my best. [V]


  • Yoosung, it might be time for you to look for professional help.
  • Eating might help you ease that stress.


  • Whoa, interesting!
  • I’m a bit suspicious lol


  • Let’s invite him! I wonder what his next costume will be after the leopard. [@neuropsychiatry]
  • He looks too fishy. I’ll decline.


  • Vent out your stress by gaming!
  • Yoosung, you’re leaving in a speed of light.


  • I think he just needs a way to vent out like that for now. [Jaehee]
  • He needs a true salvation… [Ray]


  • If you find it, please tell me as well! [V]
  • I think I should get some rest too.

Story Mode Jaehee

(Incoming Call from Yoosung)
(Outgoing Call V)

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