Mystic Messenger: Another Story Day One Guide

by Sammy Chan

Mystic Messenger is back with a new set of storyline to completely ruin your sleeping schedule! To unlock Another Story, you’ll need 550 Hourglasses. Pick [V] answers, if you’re trying to get V’s Route. Pick [Ray] answers for Ray’s Route. Avoid picking [-1] answers, those are “Heartbreaks”. The options without any brackets are neutral answers. Anyways, let’s get started on this Mystic Messenger: Another Story Day One Guide and get you that romancing route.
Note(s): It is recommended to finish Secret Endings before playing Another Story.
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four


00:00 New Face! (Yoosung, Zen)

  • Yoosung, right? Nice to meet you ^^
  • Hi, blonde AI! How are you?
    • I know that u are an AI lol
    • Nothing hehe. I meant that you’re cute!
  • No
  • Yes
    • Nothing really – but it looked like he cares for me.
    • We talked about something fishy hehe
      • I heard your omelet sucks!
      • He seems to be suspecting me somewhat…
  • Why are you so nice to me?
  • I also wanna have fun with you on this app ^^ [Yoosung]


  • I haven’t met her yet.
    • Because I was told to say that?
      • It’s a secret –
    • I don’t have to meet her to know her ^^
      • I think you’d know her better than I do…
      • I know that she’s a good person.
      • She’s a bad person!
    • She was beautiful, she was determined, she was so cool!
      • For 205 days.
      • About 300 years.


  • I’m afraid I can’t say. I didn’t see what it was like myself…
  • Let me skim through the game guidebook.
    • Oh, nothing ^^


  • You must be frustrated, Yoosung… [Yoosung]
  • Is this a detective game? I thought it was romance. Guess I was tricked.


  • Thank you, my the-most-handsome-in-the-world prince… [Zen]
  • Pleased to meet you ^^


  • So both of you trust me, right? This will be easy to raise the love meters ^^
  • Tell me more about Rika and V
  • Wow this game is really nifty lol
    • This messenger is the game lol
    • I am a multitasker. lol It’s my specialty, actually.


  • Yes, please tell me more.
  • Can you just give me a summary?


  • Don’t you think V is trying to cope with his emotions where you can’t see him? [V]
  • So are you saying he faked her death? I think you’ve seen too many movies, Yoosung. Or dramas.
  • Isn’t V the head of this association? So if he’s not active right now, doesn’t that mean parties aren’t held a lot? [Yoosung]


  • I would trust V. [V] + [Zen]
  • I wouldn’t trust V. [Yoosung]


  • But it’s getting late. Why not take your time?
  • Sure, I’ll tell you everything ^^
  • That’d be 5 million won per answer.


  • I’m sure there was something bad… that others weren’t aware of.
  • I’m not sure either.


  • I think the act of questioning isn’t so bad ^^ [Yoosung]
  • When do I get into the romance part in this game?
  • Yoosung, calm down and take a break


  • That doesn’t sound scientifically convincing. [Yoosung]
  • Yes, agreed. Be an iceman! [Zen]


  • He’s right. You should stop whining and go to bed
  • Come on, he’s not a nuisance [Yoosung]


  • Okay ^^
  • You should hurry up to bed, Zen… Your skin will suffer.

(Incoming call: Zen)
(Outgoing call: Jumin, Yoosung, Ray)

02:12 Jaehee’s Doubt (Jaehee)

  • I couldn’t sleep!
  • I’m usually up at early morning.


  • You mean you work until this hour?
  • So this character called Jaehee Kang is set to work until late…


  • You’re researching about me? I don’t like the sound of that… Can’t you just drop it?
    • I’m not sure where I am right now, either.
    • I can’t tell you. I promised I won’t tell.
  • You can ask me.
    • I can see the polar star out the window!
    • I’m inside your heart!


  • Someone installed it for me. Someone I know.
    • Somebody that created you?
    • That’s a secret.
  • I got it from the store lol


  • I know how desperate you are, but I don’t have much that I know. I don’t even have a card. [Jaehee]
  • I’ll report you if you check my background info!
  • Buddy – can you make me a card?


  • Please don’t suspect me, and let’s just be friends. T-T You’re asking me too much.
  • I’ve never seen her.
  • I’ve met a guy of my type, but his name wasn’t Rika.. So –


  • Then he could have called me lol
  • What does he want to know about me?


  • I want to know more about the RFA. I hope you can teach me a lot.
  • Then I’ll analyze Mr. Han too! lolol


  • I’ll work hard too. So please don’t be so wary of me…! [Jaehee]
  • I knew it. This game is a treasure box of secrets.
  • Okay.


  • I’m about to head to bed. Good night!
  • I’m going to stay up some more!

(Outgoing call: Zen, 707)

06:30 The Open Sea Between 0 and 1 (707)

  • A sparrow!!! Chirp
  • Good morning!

(707 CG)

  • I wanna get some sparrows. I wanna get u too. [707]
  • Good morning ^^;


  • Your characterization is funny lol
  • Did you work all night because I joined?


  • I wanna have some donuts.
  • It must be hard for you… and lonely…


  • Yes, I did!
  • I usually don’t have morning meals.
  • Not today…


  • You’re going to search about me? How bold ^^
  • I wish I could tell you where I am… if only I knew where I am…
    • Yes, maybe…?
    • I walked into this place on my own, so it’s not kidnapping.


  • Instead of glasses, what about VR headset…?
  • I wanna try on your glasses.
    • Try me
    • I should get a pair of yellow glasses and paint it with a pen


  • It’s a secret lol
  • Did I get it from the store? Don’t remember…


  • It’s a secret!
  • I’d like to be a hacker and hack the love meter for all characters to maximum level.


  • Allow me to open the bag of chips for you.
  • Introduction, please.


  • A cute pretty magical boy!! [707]
  • Just a member


  • I’m afraid there’s nothing I can give you…
  • I’m MC. I’m really enjoying this… That’s it I guess?


  • Good job working hard. Good night ^^
  • Why the polar bear?

(Outgoing call: Yoosung)

08:26 Cats and Dogs (Zen, Jumin)

  • OMG! My phone is emitting sunshine all of a sudden!! [Zen]
  • Zen! Good morning.


  • Welcome, Jumin!
  • Hey.


  • Both of you can leave. I wanna be alone…
  • You can leave, Zen. [Zen -1]
  • You can leave, Jumin. [Jumin -1]


  • I wish I could tell you, but I can’t. It’s a rule…
  • I’m in a princess’s room, and my bias installed this app for me ^^
    • Sorry, I can’t tell you more… It’s a secret…


  • Don’t be scared of me and love me! [Zen]
  • I understand. But this is my first day, so can you be a bit gentle? Hehe [Jumin]
  • Please… interrogate me, Jumin.


  • Let me gather my ki for some. Hiyaaa!
  • I don’t believe in instinct lol
  • I’ll trust your instinct, Zen ^^


  • It must be because of difference in your personalities. Let’s just put it that way [Jumin]
  • I want to be friends with everyone…


  • I wish to keep my secrets… Please understand.
  • Isn’t it illegal to check my background without my consent?


  • I understand. Nobody would leave suspicion out in this situation. I’m also frustrated that I can’t tell you a lot.
  • I think you’ll be able to trust me after some time… And once you trust me, you’ll start dating me!


  • Jumin, you rock! [Jumin]
  • Do you know the definition of the word modesty?


  • But you should think about the welfare of your co-worker.
  • That’s right. Jaehee’s free to work or not.


  • Good luck on your work, Mr. Han.
  • See ya


  • He seems weird lolol He’s funny. [Jumin]
  • With what kind of person do you go along well, Zen?


  • I think it’s time for you to win the Nobel Prize in Beauty. [Zen]
  • I’ll let you borrow my ice…


  • Let’s chat again, Zen.
  • Goodbye, my good looking statue.

(Incoming call: Jumin)
(Outgoing call: Jaehee)

11:49 Importance of Meals (Jaehee, Yoosung)

  • I can eat up to 6 meals per day.
  • Three regular meals each day! That’s my motto!
  • I only eat twice per day.
  • I don’t care how many times I eat. I’m the zealous believer in butter, chocolate, flour, and soft drink.

(Jaehee CG)

  • What…? Why would you eat a lunch box from the convenience store? T-T You should really eat better…
  • That’s one glamorous lunch box!


  • Welcome, Yoosung ^^
  • She’s eating lunch box from convenience store T-T Waaah


  • Is it because I joined?
  • Is it because you’re frustrated when you think about V? [Yoosung]


  • You must be feeling really complicated.
  • That sounds like a waste of your tuition.


  • Their relationship is their issue. Don’t you think a third-party’s evaluation is really meaningless? [Jaehee]
  • Don’t you think he did love her? He’s continuing the charity association founded by his lover…
  • What about Rika? Do you think she truly loved V?


  • V has also lost his precious lover. He’ll be going through a hard time as well. You shouldn’t be so harsh on him. [V]
  • Perhaps V and Rika weren’t that close.


  • Even if there really is a secret, he wouldn’t do anything that can harm the RFA, would he? [V] + [Jumin]
  • What secrets?


  • I don’t know about Rika and V’s relationship…but you should first calm down.
  • It feels unnatural that they didn’t share everything with each other. They’re lovers, you know? [Yoosung]


  • I think you should first calm down.
  • Want me to feed you myself?


  • Whatever it is you have to do, you should eat first [Jaehee]
  • That was the RFA chatroom, the den of a flourish of suspicions and conspiracy! [Yoosung]


  • You should hurry up and eat, Jaehee! [Jaehee]
  • You should get something, Yoosung. How about a cup or tea?


  • I’m a bit worried about him
  • Jaehee, you should hurry up and eat too! [Jaehee]
    • No.
    • Yes, I live alone.


  • Enjoy your lunch, Jaehee!
  • Good-bye!

(Incoming call: Yoosung)
(Outgoing call: Jumin, Zen)

14:08 Zen’s Consideration (Zen, Ray)

  • Hello
  • It’s a pleasure to meet you.


  • Cheer up T-T
  • Did you make any mistake during your audition?


  • I’m sure a better role awaits you in the future! [Zen]
    • Just what kind of a musical is it?
  • What is that musical about?


  • Whoa… interesting!
  • Sounds a bit cliche.


  • You’ll feel better if you upload your selfie!
  • That’s really a shame…

(Zen CG)

  • Are you ok with roles that require you to go all nude?
  • How about playing a female role?
  • How about playing for a cat role? [Zen -1]


  • I already know about you, Zen hehe
    • It’s Hyun Ryu. [Zen]
    • Jumin Kim.
    • Soonja Kim
    • Elizabeth the 4th.
  • Could you introduce yourself? ^^


  • Can I call you honey?
  • What’s V’s birth name?
  • I think it’s kind of embarrassing to call you Zen lol


  • …?


  • Ray?
  • Are you running a quick maintenance?


  • When are you going to drop by my room?
  • You scared me!


  • Yes, they seem to be suspicious of me a lot… But I think our relationship will improve soon!
  • I think everyone wants to find out my relationship with this person called Rika. What should I do?


  • The one who trust me. [Yoosung] + [Zen]
  • The one who suspects me. [Jumin] + [Jaehee]
  • You, Ray ^^ [Ray]
  • No one in particular.


  • Could you first tell me what you like? [Ray]
  • I’d like vegetables or something healthy.
  • Anything, as long as it’s meat.
    • Medium, please
    • Well done!
    • Rare…


  • See you soon, Ray!
  • Bye!


  • Tell me about it. Is it some sort of a bug? [Ray]
  • Perhaps the developer ran a quick server maintenance of something…


  • Your selfie storage! [Zen]
  • This is the arena of communication for all!
  • It’s an ocean of mysteries and conspiracy!


  • The most important cities of the entire world will be struck by a plague of zombies infected by your beauty… [Zen]
  • You’ll mark yourself in everyone’s lips in a mere day.


  • Don’t go, o lord of a shameless beauty… [Zen]
  • hehehehehe
  • Uh…ok…now I gotta go.

(Incoming call: Ray)
(Outgoing call: Jaehee)

16:33 Dear Party Coordinator (Yoosung)

  • The weather is so nice today.
  • Really? Right now I’m seeing a cloudy sky.
  • Are you pondering on the purpose of life or something?


  • Do your eyes really get better if you look up at the sky?
  • Aren’t you staring at your phone right now to chat?


  • Yes, please. I think that’d be a great help. [Yoosung]
  • I already heard enough.


  • Are V’s works famous? [V]
  • I’m interested in the networking part!


  • Where are those letters now?
  • Is that part of my task too?


  • Will I do a good job for her role?
  • I’d love to meet her myself… It’s so sad that she’s no longer here.
  • Are you sure that was a good kind of charisma?


  • Did your friend text you?
  • Are you mistaking me and chatting with me for someone else?


  • I think I smell fried wings
  • He has a school assignment to share?


  • See you, Yoosung!
  • Bye bye

(Outgoing call: Zen, 707, Ray)

18:17 I need healing time (707, Jumin)

  • An ant…?
  • You, 707
  • Ex-boyfriend


  • I see.
  • Ewwww!!!
  • Oh yummy
  • Ugh I almost unfriended you


  • Hackers
  • Zombies
  • My one and only love?


  • So can I start my reports with u?
  • It’s not 929764.
  • Do I have to press all of those numbers?


  • Lucky 7%? [707]
  • You must have tons of work T-T [707]
  • Nope. None of my business.
  • 0.007


  • Meow [707]
  • Hehe…


  • I’d love to see your cat!
  • Pssssh…. (sound effect) [707]


  • Why not summon me instead of Elly? [707]
  • I think it wouldn’t be good to the cat if her environment changes. [Jumin]


  • That can’t be true! He’s so nice and persistent! [707]
  • You shouldn’t torment animals!


  • lololololololol
  • No wonder the cat hated it so much [Jumin]
  • I’ll be your laser beam playmate. [707]


  • You’re gonna shut out your own member…? That’s sad.
  • What about Zen?


  • You’re really obsessive about Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Sounds like a fair deal.


  • It’s an emoji that shows that your lips are zip locked
  • That’s a bunny emoji
  • I think he wants to play Yes or No.


  • mmmppffff
  • I don’t think he’s going to tell you.


  • You seem to trust V a lot… [Jumin]
  • If both of you trust V, you can just accept me for who I am, just like how V decided.


  • Can I unzip them? [707]
  • I’m not sure either why V was accepted me so easily.


  • That’s a great idea!
  • Come on, there’s no way Jumin’s interested in cosplaying…


  • I’d love to see it lol
  • But I think V would be embarrassed. [V]


  • You’re persistent… [Jumin]
  • You must really love cats! [707]


  • Send my regards to Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Good-bye, Jumin!


  • But why would you have a mint-haired wig, Seven?
  • It’d be a phenomenon if he really does! Don’t you agree?
  • Looks like Jumin doesn’t hate V very much. [Jumin]


  • So shall we get on with it? lol [707]
  • Make sure you give me a copy of the pic if you take one!


  • Good luck 707! The defender of peace! [707]
  • Yes, we’ll chat again, Seven.

(Incoming call: 707)
(Outgoing call: Yoosung)

20:02 Subject of Interest (Zen Jaehee)

  • ZEN!! [Zen]
  • Jumin! [Jumin]
  • Seven [707]
  • I’ll cosplay the members of the RFA.


  • Welcome Jaehee!
  • Zen is my bae too! I think I’ve found a buddy. [Jaehee]


  • Jaehee, are you in charge of the papers related to RFA as well?
  • Are you organizing what you found about me ever since I joined the RFA?


  • Cruel is the reality… But if you do your best, I’m sure you’ll find happiness someday! [Jaehee]
  • I’m sure there’s a reason to everything and everyone. It’s kind of tricky to perfectly tell apart different tasks and occupations, you know?
  • I believe such aspects should gradually improve…


  • Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!
  • So all I have to do is to invite as many people to the party and raise the scores for my meter, right? lol


  • I understand that you can’t trust me yet. Let’s be friends nice and slow ^^ [Jaehee]
  • Your psychological settings are so complicated. Must’ve been shaped with extra great care. [Ray]
  • But that’s the only thing I was told about too… I’m not sure what more I should tell you.


  • I understand you, Jaehee… [Jaehee]
  • But why is this place off-limits to outsiders? Seems like an ordinary chat room to me lol


  • I’m not a bad person! It’s just that I have a whole lot to learn!
    • I’m sorry. I have a good reason, but I can’t tell you what it is.
    • My game might be over if I tell you. It’s a secret!
  • I’m a bad person.


  • I’m being exploited…?
  • How come?


  • Oh, save me, my prince! I’ll be waiting!
  • No one’s exploiting me. I’m just here to have fun with you all!


  • I hope you’d start to trust me more!
  • This initial setting is a bit tricky. But that’ll make the progress of the relationship more rewarding…


  • Jaehee, I believe we’ll be able to trust each other soon. Good luck wrapping up your work! [Jaehee]
  • Your looks are already more than enough help to the entire world. Lol [Zen]


  • Time for your preening, Zen! You gotta make yourself an international treasure! [Zen]
  • ….


  • Why?
  • You do make sure your facial pores are open before you move on to the cleansing part, right?
  • I use soaps…


  • Bye, sexy. [Zen]
  • Byebye

(Incoming call: Jaehee)
(Outgoing call: 707, Ray)

21:34 Richness in Wine (Jumin)

  • Welcome, Jumin.
    • Good day? How come?
  • Good night. The stars are beautiful. [Jumin]


  • Do you like wines?
  • You got your deal! Congrats!
  • You do a lot of business!

(Jumin CG)

  • Maybe they want to have you as their model.
  • Maybe it’s a paparazzi! You should call the police!
  • It’s not a scandalous photo, is it?


  • Congrats! Are you going to say yes?
  • Jumin, you’ve already got talents! Now you’re telling me you’ve gots looks as well? T-T [Jumin]
  • I thought they would offer something like this to Zen [Zen]


  • Tell me about it. Did you tell them where you live?
  • But aren’t you delighted?


  • I think the question is not whether you’d be a fine model, but what would be the efficiency in relation to the budget. [Jumin]
  • Yes, absolutely! You have this luxurious atmosphere. [Jumin]


  • I’m curious, too. Could you let me know the results once they come out?
  • I think the model doesn’t matter when it comes to the success of your company’s investment. I think the key is whether the wine itself tastes fine.
  • Looks vs business talent…? Whichever wins, I think it will return as a compliment for you. [Jumin]


  • A gift isn’t bad, but I think what V needs right now is a friend, not a wine. [V]
  • I see that V likes wine too.


  • What were you two like in the past?
  • What if both of you model…?!


  • Did Rika also like wine?
  • I’m sure those days will come again.


  • Jumin…
  • Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to finish this as a happy ending.


  • You two are such a good friend! [V] + [Jumin]
  • I’ll help too.


  • Maybe something’s happened to her! You should hurry up and go!
  • Do you have an automatic timer installed in your head by any chance?

(Incoming call: Jumin)
(Outgoing call: Jaehee)

23:25 Intriguing Person (V)

  • Wow! It’s V…! I’m so thrilled to see you! [V]
  • Oh here comes the final boss [Ray]

(V CG)

  • Is that you and Rika…?
  • You two make a lovely couple.


  • I’m not sure, either. I was simply told to host parties.
  • It’s all a secret. Shh!


  • I’m just an ordinary person.
  • You must be curious about my world. [V]


  • Can you see anything different through your finder? [V]
  • I’ll call the police if you violate my portrait rights.


  • They all looked so nice. [V]
  • They were so wary of me.


  • Is Rika that someone for you, V? [V]
  • The purpose of my life…is my bias…


  • This advice sounds like the result of your own experience.
  • Are you warning me right now?


  • V?
  • What? Is this a bug?!


  • Let’s talk again, V.
  • Goodbye.

Story Mode Ray

  • Come in.


  • I was playing the game.
  • I’ve been waiting for you, Ray.
  • I was about to get to bed.


  • It was fun! It felt like talking to actual people instead of AIs.
  • The AIs kept suspecting me, so it wasn’t fun.
  • Don’t you have a cheat for this?


  • The white hair, red eyes… I think the musical actor is the best-looking.
  • The black-haired man in a suit with a temper.
  • My favorite is that meticulous-looking secretary with glasses.
  • I think the cute blonde boy is my type.
  • I like that red-haired guy with glasses.


  • Now that we talked about games, I want to talk about you, Ray.
  • Looks like you don’t like them, Ray, though you made these AI characters.

(Incoming call: V)
(Outgoing call: Jumin)

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