$1 million prize pool set for Fortnite BR Tournament

by Sammy Chan
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Earlier today Epic Games announced in a news release on their website that there’s going to be a Fortnite BR tournament. Inspired by the growth of the community since its launch, Epic Games will be providing $100 million to fund the prize pool for the competitions.

Fortnite Battle Royale Tournament

There wasn’t much to go off on since it was a rather short announcement but here’s what we know besides the big prize pool. They did highlight how they want to approach the competition differently. Epic Games aim to be more inclusive. This probably means anyone can join. Usually, when this format is applied, the early stages would mostly be knock-outs. More details about the competitive structures and platform eligibility will be revealed soon. Plus, will they implement a rule where only a certain group can join? Let’s just say it’s kinda hard to compete with the likes of Dr. Lupo and Ninja.
On a side note! Jetpack is coming to Fortnite as a limited time item tomorrow in patch 4.2. Get ready to blast off! Initially intended for season 3, the jetpacks were pulled out last minute due to technical issues. Epic Games probably put a limitation on the jetpack to avoid having the same issue with the guided missile launcher.
At any rate, will you be strapping up to join the tournament? That prize pool is pretty huge! Here’s the link to the official announcement.

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