Mystic Messenger: Another Story Day Four Guide

by Sammy Chan
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Mystic Messenger is back with a new set of storyline to completely ruin your sleeping schedule! To unlock Another Story, you’ll need 550 Hourglasses. Pick [V] answers, if you’re trying to get V’s Route. Pick [Ray] answers for Ray’s Route. Avoid picking [-1] answers, those are “Heartbreaks”. The options without any brackets are neutral answers. Anyways, let’s get started on this Mystic Messenger: Another Story Day Four Guide and get you that romancing route.
Note(s): It is recommended to finish Secret Endings before playing Another Story.
Day One
Day Two
Day Three


00:16 I Keep Thinking of You (Ray)

  • You’re back!
  • What brings you here at this hour?

(Unknown CG)

  • That’s the one we saw in the garden! [Ray]
  • That’s the one we saw in the corridor!


  • I would’ve been glad if you really did grab me. [Ray]
  • Umm, I think you got too excited ^^;


  • That sounds like a dream… [Ray]
  • That sounds a bit creepy…


  • I think all members of the RFA are fabulous… [V]
  • I would’ve had a hard time playing this game if this wasn’t a game that you gave to me to test. [Ray]


  • I think they’re making another secret behind my back… [Ray]
  • I’m sure V will tell me his plan. [V]


  • I think it’s good that I get to help those in need. [V]
  • I think it’s a bit hypocritical… [Ray]


  • No, money can’t solve everything. [Ray]
  • But that could be the gateway to salvation. [V]


  • But don’t you think it’s natural that they overcome their concerns and become better people? [V]
  • I think all members of the RFA are somewhat nervous and unstable.


  • I think the period of unsteady anxiety is meaningful if it is for the sake of overcoming one’s pain. [V]
  • I think he has an inner problem. [Ray]


  • I thought the purpose of this game is dating.
  • Can I save everyone if I see the endings?


  • Alright! I’ll play until the end. [Ray]
  • That is a happy ending… Right? [V]


  • Actually… Yeah, sometimes.
  • Not really. I’m happy enough.


  • Sure, I’ll think about it. [Ray]
  • What’s the enrollment procedure?


  • I’m gonna stay up for a bit.
  • Now.

(Incoming Call from Jumin)
(Outgoing Call 707 Yoosung V Ray)

02:34 What’s Wrong? (707 Zen)

  • Hello, Seven.
  • What are you doing at this hour…?


  • Please, calm down…!
  • Another hacking?


  • What about it?
  • Past midnight…? Oh…
    • You don’t wanna know
  • If it happened past midnight…then that would be the developer. [Ray Bad]


  • Welcome, Zen? What were you doing?
  • hey


  • I think there’s a bug
  • hehe it’s not a bug – I know what it is [Ray Bad]


  • I’m sorry that I crashed in T-T waaah…
  • The only thing you do is advertising… I can see how lazy you were!
  • I’m sure it’s no big deal…


  • Please make sure that the messenger’s data won’t be blown away. [Zen]
  • Who’s your watcher? [707]


  • Why are they not for display? I wanna see! [Zen]
  • I think other pictures would be more dangerous than your pictures… Like V’s pictures, for example… [V]
  • I can’t imagine what will befall if Seven’s cosplay photos are released T-T [707]


  • If I give you some money as a tribute, what are you going to use it for?
  • What about me?


  • I think Jaehee should be in charge of accounting ^^ [Jaehee]
  • The oh-so-sacred tribute money should be used to construct Zen temples and statues… [Zen]
  • Seven.. You’re going to use that money for your business, right? Great idea! [707]


  • Did you also watch that show, Zen? [Zen]
  • Who shall take the throne of the Seven Kingdom…? [707]

(707 CG)

  • That’s lit…
  • It suits you.
  • Ugh, my head…


  • Did you make it yourself, Seven? [707]
  • You should’ve used Zen as the model… [Zen]


  • I should wear what I should for a party [Zen] + [Jumin]
  • I’ll check my avatar closet and pick the one I like lol [Ray Bad] [Ray Bad]


  • Is he an actor?
  • There’s actually someone like that?


  • I want some fried wings…
  • Really? He’s that good-looking?


  • He’s actually a girl!
  • He’s from a rich family!


  • Is he the kind of guy who’s the sum of you and Jumin together?
  • Don’t you think Jumin might know him? [Jumin]


  • But he sounded nice while he’s talking to V. [V] + [Jumin]
  • Your voice is getting smaller… [Zen]


  • Me too! Let’s invite him! [@chickendelivery]
  • Umm…I don’t think that’s a good idea.


  • I will go to bed… sooner or later…
  • Now, I guess?


  • Are you going to say good night to me?
  • To whom?


  • Good night!
  • Good night, Zen…


  • You have a lot to work on T-T
  • I’m sure it’s nothing big. Can’t you just ignore it?


  • Tell your housemaid I said hi!
  • bye bye…

Story Mode 707

(Incoming Call from Zen)
(Outgoing Call Jumin)

08:15 All-Nighter (Jaehee Yoosung)

  • Jaehee, have you seen Seven’s picture? [707]
  • Jaehee, I wanna see Zen’s picture. [Zen]

(Zen CG)

  • I will immediately set it as my background image. [Zen]
  • I wanna see V’s picture… [V]
  • I’m not really interested…


  • Tell me about it… Health is everything.
  • I can’t sleep well either…


  • Welcome ^^ Cutie boy of the RFA! [Yoosung]
  • Helllo.


  • What did you do last night?
  • You didn’t stay up all night thinking about Rika, did you?


  • You need a limit while you play! [Zen]
  • Good for you…! [Yoosung]
  • I’m also staying up all night for this game with a bunch of AIs… [Ray]


  • Congrats! [Yoosung]
  • My definition of friends is someone I actually meet.


  • Napping on a bus?
  • You took a nap during class?
  • Did your mind slip from your body…?


  • Didn’t Jumin said that you’ll make a fine intern? I knew it… [Jumin]
  • What kind of friends did you meet in games?


  • Yes… You gotta have at least some sort of pleasure in your life… Phew… [Jaehee]
  • Umm… That’s a bit sad…
  • I’m jealous… I wanna be rich too…


  • How did you deal with your stress before getting into college, Yoosung?
  • How did you deal with your stress before getting into college, Jaehee?


  • Were you into musicals?
  • Hiking?
  • Did you play go…?


  • Oh yes, please!
  • hehehe…


  • But I gotta finish what I’ve started! [Yoosung]
  • Playing games too much is not good for your health. So you should set a limit [Jaehee]


  • But you should deal with the fundamental problem… [Ray]
  • Let’s all meet nice and happy at the party-! [V]


  • But you still gotta find out what you can! [Ray]
  • Shouldn’t we trust in V and wait for him? [V]


  • Umm… Could you let me know if you find out what secret there is? [Ray]
  • I think there’s a good reason…why they didn’t attend her funeral.
  • I think you’re being too obsessive, Yoosung… It’s time for you to let go of Rika! [Jaehee]


  • From now on you should play just about right.
  • But you should hang on for your philosophy class!
  • You should go to bed…


  • I hope you dream about LOLOL
  • Sleep tight!


  • And I think he deserves an applause for trying to find his answers under his circumstances. [Ray]
  • I’m not sure if calling his aunt is a good idea… He might be shocked to his bones… [V]
  • Don’t you think it’s better for Yoosung to just chill out playing games? [Yoosung]


  • Sure, I’ll see you later! You can leave Yoosung to me – ^^
  • Goodbye –

Story Mode V

(Outgoing Call Zen Jaehee Ray)

10:22 Understanding and Respect (V Jumin)

  • Hi…!
  • Welcome, V! [V]


  • Is there anything you’d like to know about me? [V]
  • I think you should tell me what you’re hiding before you ask what I know. [Ray]


  • Of course! No matter what happens! [V]
  • I’ll think about it, depending on what you show me. [Ray]
  • I think I’m in trouble now… Actually, I’m locked… Uh, nothing. [Ray Bad]


  • I don’t think it’s too late. [V]
  • Creating a lot of secrets doesn’t help communication, either… [Ray]


  • Hello, Jumin. [Jumin]
  • We’re getting to know each other. [V]


  • Are you jealous? lol [Jumin]
  • Just let him do what he wants, Jumin [V]


  • I already told you that I can’t answer that part…
  • I can’t tell you anymore. There’s a good reason why I can’t. That’s why it’s even more frustrating…


  • But why would you accept me as one of the members? You haven’t even figured out my location or identity. [V]
  • Interest…? Wait, are you…?


  • Anything suspicious going on? [Ray]
  • Is there something wrong?


  • If that’s the case, it’s a bit sad… [V]
  • So he’s trying to make a deal by using his son… [Ray]


  • Jumin, I think this is up to you, without any bias or prejudice. [Jumin]
  • It’s ok. Everyone has different history and reason… [V]


  • I don’t think there is no good or bad family. There’s only ‘my family.’ [Jumin]
  • I wish I had a stable home… [V]
  • But you’re rich! Money for the win!


  • I think you’re also a proud son, V… [V]
  • Is there a secret to your father’s private life? [Ray]
  • Your father must be energetic…


  • Count me in too! [Ray]
  • I think you two will be friends forever. [V]


  • I hope my joining can help the RFA to progress in a good way. [V]
  • So you’re saying you don’t like it?


  • What is it? [Ray]
  • But I think you can do a good job, V. [V]


  • Ciao!
  • Goodbye!


  • It’s a privilege of a friend! [V]
  • You think so? He looks like… a cold son of a rich family.


  • I agree. It feels like Jumin kind of knows what you’re hiding, but he’s pretending that he doesn’t know. [Jumin]
  • Why are you making so many secrets? They must be such a burden… [V]


  • Even though you might not suit him, you’re quite charming on your own! [V]
  • I think Jumin will not be happy with that when he hears it.


  • Thank you, V… Have a good day. [V]
  • Do you think that I’ll find myself in danger? [Ray]

(Incoming Call from Jaehee)
(Outgoing Call Jumin Yoosung)

12:00 I Really Want to See You (Ray)

  • Ray, you had your lunch, right? ^^
    • I’m eating right now –
    • I did!
    • Not yet…
  • Huh…? You’re back.


  • Does it hurt a lot? I’m worried… [Ray]
  • You should go to the hospital!


  • Yes, I’ll make sure I tell you…! [Ray]
  • I can take care of myself.


  • I think they noticed that you’ve entered the chat room.
  • Yes, he sounded like…like you’re a threat to the RFA, Ray.


  • Yes… This game could be over if I tell them, right? [Ray]
  • I don’t think V is a bad person. [V]


  • Who do you think is the most favorable one among the RFA?
  • Looks like you hate all members of the RFA, Ray…


  • Us…? [V]
  • Do you want me to pursue that AI? Would that help you? [Ray]


  • I wonder what the happy ending is like! I’ll keep the secret. [Ray]
  • I can start all over again!


  • I want to be with you if I can! [Ray]
  • What benefits do I get if I make the contract?


  • 707! [Ray]
  • You mean Yoosung?
  • Jaehee! The chief assistant!


  • Programmed? So you mean you’re also…
  • Did you screw up?
  • Then you can just go ahead and destroy him, can’t you?


  • Doesn’t that mean it’s more work for you, Ray? [Ray]
  • What kind of a surprise is it?


  • Yes, I’d like to stay with you… And continue playing this game you make for me. [Ray]
  • But I’ll get to enjoy the game only when I keep a good relationship with the AIs.


  • Take your pills now! I hope you get better! [Ray]
  • Bye now!


  • Don’t worry –
  • I’ll try.

Story Mode Jumin

(Jumin CG)
(Outgoing Call Jaehee V)

14:41 Portrait of the Youthful Days in Campus (Yoosung, Jumin)

  • Are you awake now, Yoosung?
  • Hey!


  • You poor dear…
  • Did you do well? lol


  • But it’s been barely a year since you started going to college [V]
  • There goes your dream of campus life…


  • Holding the party to a success? [V]
  • Becoming the best gamer in the country?


  • You don’t have to get into a big company for that dream
  • I think the purpose of your application is a bit off, but I’ll give you a pass… This world is a bit off in the first place…


  • Unemployment is a serious issue…
  • That’s not a simple problem… It’s difficult to fix that T-T


  • Listening to you makes me wanna lie in my bed…thinking nothing in particular.
  • You’ve been whining a lot today, Yoosung lol


  • … I think you’ll be fine with part-time at the internet cafe.
  • Maybe Jumin will hire you…


  • Whoa! That’s one knack of a timing!
  • Welcome, Jumin!


  • Whoa that was brave [Yoosung]
  • Couldn’t you ask a bit more subtly…? [Jumin]


  • Jumin is right! [Jumin]
  • Could you give him a realistic advice…? [Yoosung]
  • But some people get jobs because they wanna make money.


  • Jumin, a single card you give can save a single life here. [Yoosung]
  • I hope social discrepancy would be gone soon.


  • I’m 16 years old.
  • I think it’s somewhere around the average…
  • I’m a genius. My IQ’s like…299?


  • It’s a group of people with super-high IQ…
  • It’s a group of people who don’t believe in IQ.


  • I wanna be an intern too lol [Ray]
  • Why do you want to use him as your intern? [Yoosung]


  • yep I think I get what you mean [Jumin]
  • So you want someone obedient…


  • Jaehee is so professional. She’s so impressive. [Jaehee]
  • The smiley face of horror [Yoosung]


  • So you guys have a complicated relationship.
  • So Yoosung, you hate your cousin sister’s fiance…but you’re begging his friend for a job?


  • Right he is.
  • But Bill Gates is a drop out lol


  • Good idea! [Jumin]
  • I’m sure this is a bit sensitive matter, but why don’t you have V as your role model? [V]


  • Yep you can’t choose what family you’re born into…
  • Sounds like an indirect way of self-promotion


  • And he’s a good man ^^ [V]
  • That’s why I wanna find out what he’s hiding… Seriously. [Ray]


  • Who could it be?
  • This is your chance for purchase!


  • Is it time for your class?
  • What?


  • It’s all thanks to the games.
  • I don’t think he ever mentioned Rika for once.


  • You really care a lot for V. [Jumin]
  • Don’t you think V needs a way to let off his steam? [V]


  • Good luck on your work, Jumin!
  • Goodbye –

Story Mode 707

(Incoming Call from Yoosung)

17:36 An Afternoon of Anxiety (V,707)

  • Me? No, nothing. Why? [V]
  • Is there something with you, V? [Ray]


  • Where are you right now? [Ray]
  • But it looks like the messenger is working fine.


  • You’re popular, V [V]
  • Welcome, Seven!!


  • What emails?
  • Is this that surprise? [Ray Bad]
    • Oh… Just remembered what a close friend of mine told me. Don’t mind me.
    • Oh, nothing – I’m not supposed to talk about it?


  • Just where are you, V? Why would your phone be dead? [Ray]
  • Umm… Maybe it will work a few minutes later. [V]


  • Could you send it to me too? [Ray]
  • I hope it’s nothing bad…


  • What about your identity, Seven? Tell me! [Ray]
  • I hope nothing bad happens to you, Seven… [V]


  • I don’t think you’d be able to find this person, Seven. [Ray]
  • I shouldn’t have come here… I think I’ve only pressured Seven…


  • Him?
  • I smell secret…


  • No.
  • I think you’ve only got what you deserve for your past. [Ray]
  • Yes. [Ray Bad]


  • He must’ve been shocked to his bones… [707]
  • I’m feeling guilty… [V]
  • It’s fun to watch him like that. [Ray]


  • What are you going to talk about? Tell me! [Ray]
  • That must be quite a burden you carry on your shoulders… [V]


  • Alright. Please take care of Seven. [707]
  • I’m sure the other members would want to know.

Story Mode Ray

  • Come on in.


  • You mean this email incident with 707?
  • I saw it! It’s fun to see AI 707 flustered.


  • I didn’t really feel good seeing them so anxious.
  • They feel like actual people responding to a grave incident. They feel so realistic. What did you send them?


  • Yes, it was a surprise. But that’s why I like it.
  • Actually, I’d prefer life that can be predicted.


  • Okay.
  • I’m not sure about that…

(Incoming Call from V)
(Outgoing Call 707)

18:42 Mask Made of Glass (Jaehee 707)

  • I think this secret between V and Seven is serious… [Ray]
  • Will Seven be ok? [V]


  • Can you share what you know about Luciel’s past? [Ray]
  • I think V’s burden is growing heavier every minute… [V]
  • I’m sure he’ll be fine in no time! [707]


  • Did you call V? [V]
  • hey hey hey
  • Are you feeling better?


  • Feeling ok now?
  • What happened to… what happened back there?


  • Don’t pretend you’re ok. It’s heartbreaking…
  • You’re not playing delusional due to shock, are you?
  • I think you’re trying to pretend to be ok…


  • I’m worried about you… [V]
  • V told you to say all this, right? [Ray]


  • I didn’t think you’d be like this, Seven…
  • I’m dying to know what your past is like… Are you going to tell me if we become close friends?


  • You sound a bit uneasy
  • You act like you have a bug or something


  • I think you should rest! [V]
  • Oh no looks like a bug…! I should tell him. [Ray Bad]


  • C Language…?
  • Please calm down, Seven…
  • Should I ask someone to fix him? I have this acquaintance…


  • If inviting this language can help you calm down… Then let’s do it!! [@clanguage]
  • I prefer C#… So I’ll decline.


  • Ice cream?
  • A kiss…?
  • Cotton candy?


  • mellon bar
  • juicy-melon bar
  • Haagen-Dash 31


  • Have a good one and refresh your mind! [707]
  • Bye!


  • No, he doesn’t look okay T-T
  • V, Seven, Yoosung… They all seem to have concerns. I’m concerned for them. [V]
  • Well… Don’t care. He’s not the one I pursue.


  • I guess time is the answer.
  • He said he’s fine… Let’s just leave him with that.


  • Sure. Have a good one, Jaehee!
  • Do you report every single thing to him?

(Incoming Call from 707)
(Outgoing Call Jumin V Ray)

20:10 Zen’s Worrisome Looks (Zen Yoosung)

  • Welcome, Zen the Beautiful. [Zen]
  • Welcome, Zen!


  • I hope he’ll cheer up… [707]
  • I wonder what he talked about with V… [V]
  • I think V took care of it. [V]


  • I recommend SEVENSTAR DRINK. [707]
  • Go to bed early. That’s the best remedy.


  • You should exercise until you pass out!
  • I can fall asleep in 3 seconds lol
  • Yes me too!


  • How was school?
  • Hey


  • For now, I’m cheering for V… [V]
  • Let’s just focus on holding the party!


  • Yoosung is still young lol [Yoosung]
  • Yeah, that’s right. You need to take care of yourself. [Zen]


  • Yes, sort of –
  • Only basics.
  • It’s annoying. Not interested.


  • That’s so sweet…
  • What kind of mask was it?


  • Let’s not discuss age ^^
  • I think you’d better take Zen’s advice when it comes to skincare [Zen]
  • I think you’re nagging again Zen [V]


  • Hindow10 update T-T It’s so annoying [Yoosung]
  • You’re so diligent when it comes to self-management. [Zen]


  • Let’s invite him! I wanna get some masks too! [@costume]
  • I decline. I think he’ll play only LOLOL at the party


  • I’m all ears. [Zen]
  • I’ve been hearing you talk, and it all sounds like showing off [Yoosung]


  • byebye
  • You’re off to play…


  • But I think Yoosung’s getting energetic again. [V]
  • Zen you should concentrate on your audition tomorrow… [Zen]


  • You should make a contract with a hospital…
  • I can knock you out and lock you up in a room. ^^


  • Sleep tight and it’ll be ok. Have faith in yourself! [Zen]
  • I remember what Jumin said… That you need to be calm for things to work out well. [Jumin]


  • See you – good night!
  • Goodbye.

(Zen CG)

  • The chat room’s dazzling! Thank you! [Zen]
  • Huh? I see a mole!


  • I want to see V’s pictures too… [V]
  • I’m afraid Gods will be angry T-T [Zen]
  • hehehehe…


  • You’re so sweet Zen… Sleep tight ^^
  • Goodbye!
  • He’s a secret maker. Just leave him be.

(Outgoing Call 707 Jaehee)

21:53 Nice (V)

  • You wanted to see me?
  • V…! Does your phone work now? [V]
  • What did you talk about with Seven? I’d really like you to tell me now.


  • How did you know I have one? There’s this important decision I have to make. [V]
  • Why would you ask that all of a sudden?
  • Wait a minute…! Are you trying to ask me out?!


  • I think I got a lot of recommendations! [V]
  • I should try harder.


  • I can see how much you value the RFA… Don’t worry ^^ [V]
  • But this is really nothing but events inside a pho… Uh, nothing. [Ray Bad]


  • It hurts so much…to see him in pain. [V]
  • I think the two of you are playing secrets and ditching the rest. [Ray]


  • Thank you…!
  • You sound like something dangerous will befall on me.


  • Yes, I like the RFA! [V]
  • Do I really look innocent?


  • Umm… I’ll look around some more. [V]
  • Your concern is pointless. [V -1]


  • When is it?
  • Wow, finally!!!


  • Will I manage to make all the preparations until the deadline?
  • What? That’s too fast!


  • It was nice talking to you. [V]
  • Off to a secret service? [Ray]

Story Mode V

(Incoming Call from Ray)
(Outgoing Call Zen Yoosung)

22:49 What I Want to Say (Ray)

  • Am I going to make the contract now! [Ray]
  • You’re here…


  • I decided to stay here with you. [Ray]
  • I haven’t made my choice yet…


  • That must be horrible…
  • Whose face is it?


  • Me too… I like you too, Ray. [Ray]
  • This is so sudden…


  • I won’t betray you. I promise. [Ray]
  • Those AIs… They’re the programs you made… Right?


  • Yes, please trust me. [Ray]
  • I think you should trust yourself some more rather than expect me to trust you. [V]


  • Of course. I’m so touched, Ray… [Ray]
  • You sound a bit… Sad. [V]


  • I’ll be waiting…
  • I’ll think about it…

<Tap to Unlock>

Story Mode V – V Route

Story Mode Saeran – Ray Route

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