Monster Hunter World PC release date announced

by Sammy Chan
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Initially planned for an Autumn release in 2018, Hunters on PC were given a pleasant surprise this morning. Capcom announces that Monster Hunter World PC release date will fall on August 9. It’s just a month away! What a way to end the Summer.
The game is now available for pre-order on Steam and has already knocked PUBG off their first spot in the Top Seller’s list. The pre-order and deluxe bonuses are the same as the console versions’. The Origin Armor Set and Fair Wind Charm from the pre-order is pretty nice for newcomers. However, having played the game on the console, we’ll say it really doesn’t make that much of a difference.

What’s Monster Hunter World like on PC?

So how does a console port translate onto PC exactly? Well firstly, there will be no crossplay. Plus, the producer says there are no plans to make cross-platform support. On release, the PC version and the console version will have the same visuals capability. Though Ryozo Tsujimoto, the producer, said that the team is considering a free update after launch.
Besides, the PC version will start in a vanilla state. Meaning, there won’t be Deviljho and Lunastra just yet on launch. They are planning to add this with quick updates after launch, a shorter patch cycle if you will. Tsujimoto-san wants to synch up the updates between PC and console as much as possible but there will inevitably, be some disparity.
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This goes without saying but there will be mouse and keyboard support as well as option to customize key assignments. Since Steam is known for mod support, players are wondering if they’ll be able to mod Monster Hunter World. Well, the answer is no – for now. There are also no plans for any expansions nor are there plans to port more Monster Hunter games to PC. Check out PC Gamer’s interview with Tsujimoto-san for more info here.

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