Darksiders 3 to release on November 27

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Darksiders 3 scheduled to release on November 27. Get ready march on as the latest horseman, Fury going against the Seven Deadly Sins. Be it the PC, Xbox One or PS4, don’t worry, Fury will be hacking and slashing her way through all these platforms.

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Who is Fury?

Screengrab via Darksiders Wikia

In the previous Darksiders games, we did battle with War and Death as our Horseman. Now, Fury the rider of the Black Horse joins in the fray.

Fury weapon of choice seems to be her whip which is able to extend quite a distance. With it, she is able to slash multiple enemies from a wide range of angles. Not just that, she is also able to wield a huge sword. Fury also has the ability to, quote Human Torch, “Flame On”. When she goes aflame, she unlocks special abilities. One of it is she seems to be immune to fire.



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The Story?

The seals of the Apocalypse has been broken due to War’s betrayal. With this, the Seven Deadly Sins is currently wrecking havoc on Earth. Now, the Charred Council summons Fury to restore the balance and prove that she is the most powerful of the Horseman.

Screengrab via Darksiders trailer

So far, on the official website, only Sloth is shown as one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Sloth is shown sitting idly on his throne, commanding countless minions to defend him and even move him around inside his hollowed-out subway lair.

Screengrab via Darksiders

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